Copyright & License

Hey guys!  I figured some people might want to sell items that they knit, so I figured I would give you the option of doing so.  By buying a pattern or downloading a free pattern of mine, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

1.  You may keep as many digital and print copies for your own personal use as you want.  If you want one copy on your computer, one copy on a flash drive, on printed and nicely in a page protector, one folded in a knitting bag and another crumpled up in the back seat of your car, that is just fine.

2.  You may NOT make copies of the pattern for  distribution, not even the free patterns.

3.  You may knit as many instances of the pattern for personal use as you want.  If you want 80 billion fingerless gloves in your wardrobe, obviously that is fine.

4.  You may knit as many instances of the pattern for gifts as you want.  If your friends and family are jealous of your 80 billion fingerless gloves, you can knit them stuff too.  This also applies to finished objects that are being directly given to a charity.  If you would like to sell a finished object and give the proceeds to charity, see below.

5.  You may knit up to 3 instances of the pattern for sale, for your own personal profit or for someone else’s profit (IE a charity donation or raffle.)  You can sell the finished object at a craft show, on Etsy, in a yarn store, on commission for a coworker or wherever it is you sell your stuff.   You don’t HAVE to have a tag saying that you got the pattern from me or link to me from the sale page, but I’m never gonna turn down a bit of advertising :P  If you want to knit more than 3, then you can buy the pattern again to get a renewal of the license. This license means that YOU, personally, the buyer of the pattern, will be knitting the item for sale by hand. I only ask that you let me know.  I’m nosey.

6.  For free patterns, you can knit up to 3 for sale, then if you would like to sell more, please contact me.

7.  You may not use any written descriptions, images or photos of mine to sell your item.  You may use my pattern titles to name your item, but if you are selling online, you must take your own photos of your actual item to show the finished object.


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