First things first: You can get a hold of me in a couple of ways:
Comment here: Nice and simple. If you leave an email addy or website, I can get back to you.
Email me: diannamorgan AT gmail DOT com
Ravel Me: I’m Alarid on Ravelry.  Add me as a friend there if you’d like.


Now, about this site.  Mainly, it is a blog that I’m using to share my knitting and design experiences.  You’ll be seeing posts from me  regarding general knitting, test knitting that I do for other designers and designs that I’ve come up with.  I’ll also be using it as a gallery to show off the layout work that I’ve done for other designers.

If you’d like to read more about me as a person, please see the About Me page.

To see all of my designs, check out the links given in the Patterns page.  Along with links to each pattern, there are also links to the Standard Abbreviations that I use in my patterns and the Copyright and Licencing information.

I’ve also got some non-knit Tutorials available.

For information about my Layout and Technical Editing services, please see the Pattern Layout/Tech Editing page.  To see some of my previous layout work, check out the Layout Gallery.

I’ve also started a Swatch Book.  I’ll be using this swatch book to learn new knitting techniques and keep notes one where to find those techniques again and my thoughts about them.


Within the blog itself (found on the Home page,) I’ll be using Categories to sort the posts.   Generally, everything will be sorted into Knit and Not Knit categories to begin with.  In the Knit section, you’ll find sub-categories, including:

  • Designer Profiles – When I find a new designer that I just have to share with my readers, I’ll be posting under this category.  I’ll usually wait to post about a designer until I’ve actually knit at least 2 of their patterns, so that I can not only show you their design aesthetic, but tell you what I liked about the patterns themselves.
  • Dianna Designs – This category will include any posts where I knit or talk about one of my designs.  Looking through this category, you’ll see my design process from the very start.
    • Patterns – If you are only looking for the posts that announce the release of a new pattern, this is the category to look under.
  • FO – When I actually do finally finish a piece of knitting, the post saying so will be posted into this category.  I’ll try to ensure that these posts contain links to the pattern used and all pertinent project information.
  • Music and Knitting – Music is very important to me, and you’ll rarely find me knitting without some sort of music in the background.  Sometimes, I’ll find a certain song that completely clicks with what I’m currently knitting. When this happens, I’ll be sharing the project information and a link to the song so that you can see/hear it too :)
  • Pattern Layout – When I do a layout for another designer, I’ll be sharing pictures in this category.  Obviously, the pictures of the layout will be greatly fuzzed out and/or watermarked to ensure that people can’t get a free copy of the pattern!
  • Test Knitting – This category will be used to show off the projects where I’m test knitting for another designer ~ assuming the project is allowed to be shown!  Obviously, when a designer would like to keep the testing under wraps until after it is submitted to a publication, I’ll be respecting that.
  • Monthly WIPing – Sometime in the first week of each month, I’m going to take stock of my WIPs.  Bare it all, and hopefully motivate myself to actually finish some of those WIPs occasionally.

The Not Knit section will be for when I’m talking about anything not knitting related.  If I’m talking about my life in a post that does contain knitting as well, you may see a post categorized as both Knit and Not Knit :)

  • Tutorials – I’ve got a couple of non-knit tutorials available, here’s where you’ll find those :)

3 Responses to About

  1. iKniter says:

    OMG your cute fingerless gloves pattern lured me to your blog! Love to randomly find other Ravelers, especially a fellow RR!

  2. Laurie Behymer says:

    May I please use your design for my art class at Newton Alternative High School in Newton, Ks?

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