On The Move re-released, and my cat is cute

Point 1 – On the Move (previously called Felted Camera Case) is back up. It’s been HUGELY expanded, and will hopefully be much more clear. If you get the pattern, make sure to read through so that you can print just the pages that you need. If you are doing one of the prewritten sizes, you can choose to not print the pages about customizing your own size, and vice-versa.

Point 2 – My cat is adorable.

And mischievous. That’s the garbage he’s trying to get at!

We’ve decided to keep Neko. Koshka was far too energetic for a small apartment. The SPCA website seems to say that he’s also found his forever home. I hope that it is big enough for him!

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6 Responses to On The Move re-released, and my cat is cute

  1. craftdgirl says:

    Wow you are really good!! And your cats are adorable!!

  2. jo says:

    Such a beautiful cat! the patterns down his back are so lovely in that standing-up pic.

  3. donna says:

    I love your cats fur. So beautiful.

  4. Batty says:

    Neko is adorable! And he looks like he’s a handful. Both in the literal and in the figurative sense.

  5. Merenwen says:

    Awww, Neko is so cute! :)

  6. StephCat says:

    Neko is absolutely adorable, glad you were able to keep one of the cats!

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