So much going on…

for a simple stockinette sweater!  In here we’ve got 3 sets of needles, 2 balls of yarn and a contrast color waiting to be added in.  Turns out I have about 8 million 16″ US9 needles, so instead of putting stitches onto waste yarn, I’m just leaving them on the needles and grabbing a new pair to knit the next section.  And adding in the contrast color will actually calm the madness down – at that point I’ll be dropping the main color, and will not be alternating skeins anymore (though the dye lots are close enough that I probably didn’t need to in the first place)

005 copy

Little busy there!


Mmm, alpaca-bamboo blend...

I’m so close to being done. Got to finish the back, knit like 20 rows of 20 sts of the 2nd front, then the edging in CC. I’ve been distracted though. I turned this lovely Mirasol Qina (Rav link) into a test-knit hat that I’ll be showing off later in the week (when I get a decent pic!).  Amazing yarn, the sheen, drape and color are all fabulous (that’s 901 Steel there, but I think it’s more a perfect silver).  I’ve got a mostal of the 2nd skein left, so I’m probably gonna get me a teeny pair of mitts to go along with the hat, yay!

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6 Responses to So much going on…

  1. wow, that blue is gorgeous!!! xx

  2. Kate says:

    Just found your blog via Ravelry. That blue is so pretty! can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

  3. WorstedKnitt says:

    Gorgeous! You’re almost there :)

    That Mirasol Qina sounds wonderful, by the way!

  4. Melissa says:

    A good use for all of your needles that are the same size, the only needles that I have more then two pairs of are in a size that I don’t ever use at the time I thought they were the correct size needles to get my sock knitting gauge but they weren’t.

    The colors look beautiful.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful blue! That’s going to be a very pretty sweater. Is it easy to knit with all the extra needles?

    • Alarid says:

      The only issue is my working yarn like to tangle up in them! Otherwise, I don’t even notice. I was worried they’d be heavy, but the cotton yarn does that on it’s own :P

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