City Hat


A cozy hat inspired by the beautiful city skyline. The hat is long enough to keep your ears warm, but just short enough to not snag on earrings, if you choose to wear a pair. The hat is knit inside out, with twisted stitches to help make the skyscraper columns stand out. It is a super-quick knit, great for chilly evenings in the city.

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4 Responses to City Hat

  1. Mary Cutting says:

    I’d love to knit this hat! Exactly what I’ve been looking for – is the pattern available?

    • Alarid says:

      Yes, it is! Click the Download button above the photo to get the free PDF. If you cannot access it through that link, please let me know via email and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.

  2. Batty says:

    Very classy hat!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Very cute hat! Thank you for sharing the pattern! :)

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