Sooo tired.

Working full time takes a lot out of ya! and by the time I get home, I’m feeling too lazy to go out and get pics of the … oh, 5 or so FOs that I need to show off to you, oh and like 5 swatches for my swatch book.  And I want to get that  Column Hat pattern out sooner or later, seeing as the pattern and the knitting are done, I just need to put the photos INTO the pattern.  But, first, I must get photos…

Besides those, I’ve got the Prada Mitts pattern in testing, a crochet(!) pattern in the makings, plans for Prada Socks (there is a pattern out there already, but they are sock-weight.  I want fat worsted weight Prada Socks!)

All of this to come… Oh, I dunno.  I want to have the Columns hat from ages ago done this weekend at the very least.  See you then!

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