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You know, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the last subject as much as I did–I think I have a relatively uninteresting learn to knit experience, and it really didn’t occur to me that other people would have stories that were interesting, because clearly everyone is just like me and has the same experiences… :P There are SO MANY people participating in this that it’s going to be hard for me to read everyone’s blog and comment, but if you leave me a comment here, I promise to make reciprocation a high priority!

Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to. Whether it happens to be because the skills needed are ones which you have not yet acquired, or just because it seems like a huge undertaking of time and dedication, most people feel they still have something to aspire to in their craft. If you don’t feel like you have any left of the mountain of learning yet to climb, say so!

For me, my “Mt. Everest” of knitting  is a sweater!  I want to knit a sweater that fits me!  I’ve started a bunch, but have never been totally in love with the WIP, and since I’m a process knitter, I just can’t knit something that I’m not enjoying, even if I think I’ll love the FO.  Most of the sweaters I have started have been st st, though.  That is killer for me – I don’t like long purl rows, but st st in the round is sooooo boring.  I think to conquer this sweater thing, I need a good, interesting pattern.  I’m thinking Vivian, by Ysolda.   I know that her patterns are fabulous, the yarn is bulky and there are cables EVERYWHERE.  An attractive FO, with an interesting process.  Plus, I love hoods.

Photo by Sadie Dayton

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27 Responses to An Inspirational Pattern – Knitcroblo2

  1. I should have said a sweater, too. I have the backs of two sweaters started, but I’m so worried about the whole fitting issue that I’m afraid to keep going!

  2. Rae says:

    Ysolda has some of the most beautiful patterns & Vivian is gorgeous I haven’t really done many cables but they are so fascinating. I am not a big sweater wearer but I have thought about knitting a baby sweater so I can at least say I made one.

  3. Helen says:

    Love the hood and love cables – this would be a great knit. You should certainly give this a go !!!

  4. Paige says:

    Such beautiful cables – you should try it. We will cheer you on! I’m going to start this week of blog topics tomorrow. Better late than never!

  5. yarnpiggy says:

    Lace is my Everest, and sweaters my K-2! Vivian is a gorgeous one; I also love Ysolda’s Vine Yoke Cardigan. :o)

  6. rachel says:

    I think everyone has one or two (or five) patterns of Ysolda’s that they love. :) The Vivian is a beautiful sweater – I say go for it!

  7. topperarnold says:

    What a gorgeous sweater. I made many sweaters before I finally got one that fit/was flattering. I love st st in the round. I’m a boring person, so very little bores me. I prefer sweaters in the round or at least as seamless as possible.

  8. Tammy says:

    That sweater is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you will make it one day!

  9. Alexandra says:

    It’s a lovely pattern! I would like to it someday :)

    I love st stitch in the round, but only when I’m watching something on TV! Otherwise, I agree, it’s boring.

  10. fridica says:

    I actually quite enjoy stockinette in the round – perfect for watching tv or for knitting groups (it’s difficult to get carried away and get something wrong, since there’s nothing to get wrong!). Vivian is gorgeous, though, and quite a feat! Good luck! : )

  11. olive verte says:

    Whaa!!! This is a very nice pattern! And a huge challenge!!!

  12. Alicia says:

    Love. Cables. Want.

    Arggh, that picture reduced me to just single words (and maybe a grunt or two). This blog topic is going to be a dangerous one, seeing so many beautiful patterns….

  13. I have knit three sweaters recently – pullovers for my husband and me and a cardigan for me. The cardigan has gone back on the needles twice since its alleged finish. I got both the collar and the length wrong. (I also had collar issues with my pullover.) Something about not measuring myself correctly. I think the sweater pattern you show looks like a lot of fun to knit.

  14. Leah says:

    Go for it. Vivian is so much fun! At least, that’s what I found. It’s my favourite FO so far :D (though it took a long time to finish).

  15. inkberryblue says:

    It’s a beautiful pattern. I love the way that the cables add shape. I am a newbie knitter and wouldn’t even dream of attempting something like this. Knitting is really challenging for me, especially fixing up mistakes. I find crochet soooooo much easier. Still I’d love to be able to knit a simple fitted cardigan. Wish me luck!

    • Alarid says:

      Fixing mistakes in knitting IS tedious. I’m lazy and generally just ignore them, unless it’s a big one that non-knitters would notice!

  16. accountantgrrl says:

    My first (adult) sweater for me was the February Lady Sweater and I loved it. Because I knit it in wool, it is VERY warm, so I wear it on very cold days here in Connecticut.

    Good luck! That’s a beautiful sweater pattern.

  17. stephcuddles says:

    I have a soft spot for Ysolda’s designs, mine is her Little Birds. I think I’m a bit like you, stocking stitch doesn’t interest me as much as a nice lace or cables pattern. Just wish I had the concentration to do them at the minute :) and thanks about the cupcake!

  18. plumbum says:

    Vivianne is indeed a lovely pattern – alas, I am too fat and it would look terrible on me.

    I have to take issue with KnitSpirit and say that garter stitch is the most boring thing in knitting… and I am interested that you yourself do not like long purl rows. I am always bemused by people who say they do not like purling. It is fast and easy and, I think perhaps easier than the knit stitch if I think about it closely. All I really know is that I rocket across the purl side. So, I wonder if people who don’t like purling use a different knitting method to me. I knit in the only way that I have ever seen people knit. I’m English. Since discovering other knitters on the ‘net I find that there is another way to knit – “Continental” – and I am eager to try it out as it looks as though it might be a resolution to my very bad RSI in my right arm. I have always wanted to ask, and this may be my opportunity to do so. Is purling a difficult stitch when knitting Continental? Any Continental knitters here to answer my question?

    I like your blog – very clean and easy to read

    • Alarid says:

      Thank you for the comment about the blog itself – I JUST changed the layout, because I was using Misty Look, like every third knit blogger out there :P I chose this one because of the cool drop down thingies for the pages, but I’m not in love with the black border on it.

      I’m not sure if I knit continental or anything like that. I have my yarn in the right hand, if that helps…. :D

    • fridica says:

      I knit Continental (yarn in left hand) – it’s also called picking (while English is wrapping – it makes sense if you think of how you get the yarn around the working needle). In it, purl is indeed less convenient than knit!

  19. Mel says:

    I love that design too, I have a soft spot for cables. I don’t blame you for not wanting rows and rows of endless stocking stitch either, it can get tedious fast.

  20. ieva says:

    This sweater really looks great. Good luck in knitting it!

  21. KnitSpirit says:

    I totally agree with you, st st is the most boring thing that I know in knitting! ^^ Having some challenge in a pattern is a good thing!

    • Alarid says:

      I think I was going for patterns that were plain because they looked like you could buy in a store. But, why would you want that? I mean, I don’t want clothes to look homemade, but a gorgeous handmade sweater is way better than box-store clothes, and should look it!

  22. Vivianne says:

    You are right, that is a fabulous pattern :-)

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