I’ve decided that things that come in pairs count as a finished Object when I finish one of the pair.  Note the lower case f, denoting the lesser importance of that word in the title.  The object itself on it’s own is finished, though the project as a whole is not.  But I don’t care and I’m gonna show you a fO today :)

Project page:  Alarid’s Swampthing

Pattern: Deluvian Socks (not yet available, but here’s a blog post with them.)

Designer: Hunter (blog)

Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX, Camo Colors

Needles: US1/2.25mm, US3/3.25 (used minimally)

This pattern is so cool!  For one thing, I love purposefully dropping stitches.  It’s just plain ole’ fun.  For another, YOU CAN WEAR THEM INSIDE OUT.  I mean, brilliant!  What’s even cooler is how this pattern works with so many different yarns.  The testing group has gotten itself quite the list of things that it reminds them of, including: bubble wrap, caterpillars, raindrops, candy, peacock feathers and seafoam.  You should go to the testing thread and check out everyone else’s socks, you’ll see what I mean!  This link should bring you to only the posts with photos.  You’ll need a Ravelry account, but if you are here, you probably should have one anyway :P  It’s free, they don’t send you any spam or sell your email addy and sign ups are instantaneous.

I personally think that mine look like the skin of something that would crawl out of a swamp.  All scaly and with the muted colors peeking through the grey and with just a touch of hairyness.  I love it.  Knitting these totally reminded me of one of my favorite songs, Disgust by KMFDM.   They feel a bit grungy and dirty, with a bit of a jazz twist. If I were a creepy Swampthing, I’d want these socks to be my skin and this song to by my theme as I came crawling out of the mud.  Ok, so it really doesn’t sound that flattering to the pattern, but this is high praise from me, I promise!


Oh, and BTW, Hunter is having a giveaway.  There is no set deadline, but I’d get in there within a day or 2.

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2 Responses to fO

  1. Hege says:

    Great sock ;)
    And I love your shawls.

    Have a great weekend :)

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