I’ve been doing layout!

Instead of actually, you know, designing stuff recently, I’ve been doing a lot of test knitting (well, you knew that already!) and that has branched out a bit into doing some pattern layouts for people as well.  The first one I did was for Whitney Portnoy (whitney728,) on her Climbing Vine Mitts pattern (available for $2.50USD.) I’d only signed up for testing the pattern via the Free Pattern Testers Group, but was bored in my Graphic Design class (it focuses on using Adobe InDesign and was fairly early in the semester, so we were still doing very basic things that I knew already from my previous experience with the program) so I pulled together a layout for the pattern to entertain myself while still doing something somewhat related to the class. Just recently, I started creating my own charts using Illustrator, and pulled out Whitney’s pattern to practice that a bit and then redid the layout.  At this time, I have no idea if she likes it or not, as I’ve just sent her the new copy.  You can see the general layout that I’ve done here, but if you want the pattern, you’ll need to buy it :)

Climing VinesWM

The second pattern that I did a layout for was Nine Patch Dishcloth (free download) by Christine Guest (Christinethecurio). I had a lot of fun doing the layout for this pattern, as I don’t knit dishcloths or write patterns for them, so it was a bit of a change.  All of the photos and charts were done by her.

Nine Patch DishclothWM

If you are a designer and you like what you see, let me know. I really enjoy doing pattern layouts, so if you’d like me to some of yours, I’m sure we can work something out :)

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2 Responses to I’ve been doing layout!

  1. JelliDonut says:

    Nice blog! Just dropping by from Ravelry Friends to say hi and check out your blog. You are one busy person!

  2. Batty says:

    Very nice work!

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