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Hey guys!  I’ve finally decided to start using the Categories feature that WordPress provides.  I’m trying to remember to put them on new posts as I post them, and I’m slowly working my way back through the archives.  Here’s a quick rundown of what they are and where they will bring you if you use them to sort my posts:

Knit:  Well, that is a bit obvious :P  It’ll show you any post where I talk about knitting!

Dianna Designs:  This one will show you anytime I mention or knit one of my designs.  Checking this category out can let you see posts where I’m thinking about designing something, photos of the WIP of a design-in-process, what goes through my head while designing and the finished design post.

FO:  This category is used for when I actually complete something!  It’s showing all of the posts that feature a finished object.

Test Knitting:  I think I actually do more test knitting than designing.  If a pattern that I’m test knitting is allowed to be blogged, here’s where you’ll find it.

Not Knit:  Occasionally, I’ll talk about non-knit stuff (this is becoming more rare!) But this post would count!

I’ll also be adding in Patterns very soon–it’ll be a direct link to only posts where I actually post a pattern.  It should equal the same number as the pattern pages that I have :p

And, now for the upcoming stuff.  One thing I was thinking of is a designer profile type thing.  This wouldn’t be a common occurrence on the blog, as I think I’d want to have knit at least 2 patterns from the designer to get a feel for their aesthetics and style and how they write out their patterns.  But, I think this could be a neat thing, and I’d love to share some of my favourite designers with my readers.

ETA:  Oh, and one thing that is already implemented–check out my Copyright/Licencing page.  Basically, it’s outlining what you can and can’t do with my patterns.  You can print 20 to make paper airplanes; you can’t print 20 to give to your friends.  As for licencing, unlike a lot of designers, I’ve decided that you CAN sell the FOs you make from my patterns–up to 3 instances per pattern buy.  So, if you want to sell 9 Full O’ Win Toques at a craft fair, you are allowed to do so if you buy the pattern (and the accompanying licence) 3 times.  Read that page and let me know what you think or if anything is unclear :)

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2 Responses to Organization, upcoming stuff

  1. stephcuddles says:

    What if you print 20 to make paper airplanes then fly them to your friends :p (not that I condone such behaviour :) )

  2. AC says:

    Cool idea with selling your patterns w/a license to sell the finished product. I feel like a lot of people are missing out by not doing this, because some people are inevitably going to sell their FOs anyway. At least this gives them a chance to be legit!

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