Pattern Facelift!

My knitting level over the past few days has been a bit low.  But that’s because I’ve been busy giving a couple of my patterns a facelift :D  I’m starting with Arboreal Cowl and Felted Camera Case.  Arboreal Cowl was easy-peasy, a new layout, some prettiness added and a chart, but this Felted Camera Bag is taking some work!  It was originally 3 pages with this ugly chart thingy and not very clear.  I’ve redone the chart-thingy and am fixing the directions.  It’s now sitting at about 8 pages!  But I think it’ll be worth it, because those additional 5 pages are chock-full of info on how to custom-make a bag perfect for your camera.  They’ve both been taken offline for now, but will be back up ASAP.  I’m getting both patterns test knit, so if you are interested, check out the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry–here’s the test thread for Arboreal and here’ s the thread for the camera case.

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