Test knitting!

I was kinda feeling like I was losing my knitting mojo. Then I thought “Hey, I’m a process knitter anyway, why not test knit for people? Even if I don’t love the pattern (it’s hard to falll in love with a pattern if you sometimes don’t even see a picture first!) I’m knitting and helping someone out.” Unexpectedly, with EVERY pattern I’ve tested so far (I’m working on my 5th this month) I completely and totally fell in love with the pattern and the finished object. I’m gonna show you 3 of them right now :)

First up was I Love You Mom Socks (the pattern is part of the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, I will add links in when they are available) by Stephcat (here’s her blog.) I started them on March 4, finished one like her test thread requested by March 8. Mine are in Malabrigo Worsted, so they make EXCELLENT warm and cozy bedsocks, and terrible functional socks. I loved knitting these, there is always something going on in the pattern, but it is SO clearly laid out. They just whipped by.

CatacombNext up was Catacomb by Presents (her blog is here.) It was part of her Go Go Malabrigo Ebook which also has a bunch of other super-cute patterns (I’m especially in love with Wabbit Season) This test was done around March 8-9ish. Again, it was knit in Malabrigo Worsted. The hat is so nice, it fits wonderfully because of the ribbing and is so cozy.  I love the slouch that it has without fitting like a beret.


And the last test knit that I’ll be talking about today is the Climbing Vine Mitts by whitney728 (her blog.) These mitts were SUPER fast to knit around March 15-16th, since they are in bulky yarn. They are meant to be knit in under one skein of chunky yarn, and I had a bit of Malabrigo Chunky left even after knitting them, so I think you could get a pair out of almost any 100g skein of chunky yarn that you have. They are SO warm and soft and delicious.

Climbing Vines Mitts

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4 Responses to Test knitting!

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  3. Vanessa says:

    I just wanted to tell you your knitting is so pretty~!

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