Update! With Knitting!

For ease of posting, I’m just gonna show off Malabrigo March stuff (my Malabrigo March projects). Wait, first, explain Malabrigo March.

The Malabrigo Junkies on Ravelry have two “event” type things every year–October Stockpile and Malabrigo March. In Malabrigo March, there are KALs, Contests and awesome prizes donated by Antonio of Malabrigo. It’s fun and awesome. And it’s made me knit a lot. With yummy Mal, of course.

From Collages

Top: Catacomb, Worsted; I Love You Mom socks, Worsted

Middle: (top left): Bad Oyster, Sock; (bottom left) Ballet School Dropout, Sock; (middle) Test Lace Mitt, Silky; (top right) Climbing Vine Mitts, Bulky; (bottom right) Grace Lace Beret, Sock

Bottom: Opus Spicatum, Worsted; Susie’s Reading Mitts, Worsted

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