Yeah, I suck at updating.  Sari.  Anywho, just a quick one to show off my wickedly awesome colorwork mittens, still a WIP.


Pattern is Elinor’s Mittensrav link, yarn is yummy luscious Malabrigo Worstedrav link. Knitting on US2 for the cuff and US4 for the hand. Making a super-cozy thick fabric and I’m loving them. Too bad I’m also looking for Spring.

ETA:  Oh, and I’m entering this in Malabrigo March’s Best Use of Color contest. Here’s my post

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3 Responses to

  1. Sarah says:

    OMGoodness! Those mittens are IMPRESSIVE! I agree with Batty- that patterns is so interesting! Have you finished? How did they turn out?

  2. Batty says:

    That’s one of the most interesting patterns ever. Awesome.

  3. AK says:

    WOW, those are awesome

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