It’s been a while!

Firstly, and most importantly…

I’M ENGAGED! The awesomest BF ever proposed and now “BF” stands for Best Fiance :D
He proposed on New Years Eve and then I got the ring resized when I got back to Uni. Isn’t it pretty? We aren’t going to get married until after we are done school, but it’s still so exciting!

I haz chili. It is full of nom nom nomz. It is important to this post as it is the Official Comfort Food post for the blog-along-thingy in OT: FGF Insanity on Ravelry. Sadly, my suggestions of a “romantic themed AKA LET’S ALL TALK ABOUT KNITASAUR BEING ENGAGED” topic were overruled :p

Anywho, this is an awesome chili. It was in our slow cooker slowly torturing me all day. They want a recipe, but this is sorta a make-up-as-you-go-along type deal. Stir-fry beef and about a cup of milk in the slow cooker on very low for about an hour. Add in cans of tomato and beans (black and chickpea, in my case) and all sorts of spices (chili powder, garlic, oregano, bouillon cube, just a TOUCH of curry, pepper) and onion. Cook for many many hours. Add in LOTS of corn, some mixed veggies and potatoes and cook some more. Eat as much as you can and refrigerate the rest to continue eating for the rest of the week. Awesome stuff.

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15 Responses to It’s been a while!

  1. mamalefae says:

    aww! Verry pretty! Congrats ;)

  2. crochet4fun says:

    Congrats! I love your ring! It is gorgeous!!

  3. Alisha says:

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t stopped by here for a while, but what a great announcement to see! Congratulations! How exciting.

  4. Leandra says:

    How pretty the ring is! Congrats to both of you! :)

  5. Batty says:


  6. rmsheffler says:

    Mmmmm….. Chili is one of DH’s favs. I agree with ibby — never made it with the veggies & potatoes before, but it sounds yummy!

  7. MJ says:

    CONGRATS!!! Your ring is gorgeous :D

  8. Mary Ann says:

    I love the ring! I already told you congrats at the club, but I’ll tell you again. Congradulations!!!!!!!!!

    I love chili, but I’ve never made it with all the veggies and potatoes, just beans and beef! This sounds yummy!!

  9. knittchick says:

    congrats! You two are too cute! That’s a really pretty ring!

    And that chili looks goood…

  10. SusanB-knits says:

    Beautiful ring! Congratulations!
    Chili is great when it is cold out. I like to eat mine over rice (probably because it is so spicy and I can’t do spicy anymore)

  11. Nano says:

    Congratulations! Happy and exciting times.

    Your chili looks great. It’s rainy and cold out today. Good day for some chili. :o)

  12. gimpykatk says:

    What a beautiful ring. Smart too to wait until school is done. I LOVE Chili, it’s one of the things I can eat after my surgery.

  13. Karen S says:

    How wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

  14. knittingdodo says:

    Congrats! It’s funny, my brother got engaged on New Years Eve too!

  15. Jolynn says:

    Aw! Congratulations! ^_^

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