Arboreal Modeled

Here it is, on a real live person!

It’s had over a hundred downloads already! And, of course, BECAUSE so many people have already downloaded it and I was silly enough to not get it test-knit, there was a mistake :( Nothing major–I just missed an ENTIRE LINE. Luckily, SunflowerKnits knit one up super-quickly and let me know :D All of the download links have been uploaded, but if you don’t feel like downloading a new one, just add in another row to the end of the main pattern repeat–Row 10: P15, K1, P to end. (exactly like rows 6 &8)

Oh, and just to prove that the BF is in fact still alive from our halloweenie adventure, here’s a pic of him from our walk…

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8 Responses to Arboreal Modeled

  1. Batty says:

    Arboreal is way cool!

  2. craftypea says:

    Cute cowl. Love the bulky yarn. And glad to see you and your bf made it out of the haunted maze alive. I do exactly what you did – run screaming with everyone else- even though I have no idea what we’re all running from. Afterwards, I always think it was fun, but ask me while I’m running, and..well..

  3. ria f says:

    Hey, I love orange anywhere! Hee hee hee. Love the cowl – think I may make it too.

  4. Lina says:

    What a great cowl! And I agree… love the orange hair on your boyfriend. :)

  5. Merenwen says:

    It’s a pity that I’m not keen on cowls, ’cause that’s pretty. But if my sister likes cowls, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I made her one… :)

  6. Alex says:

    I agree with Jc. ;-)

    I also think that Arboreal is really pretty..It’s calling to me. That and the startisis are making me crazy!

  7. JC says:

    You’re boyfriend is CUTE! All that orange hair that matches the fall…

    The arboreal is nice too.

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