I abandoned my boyfriend for dead.

Okay, first off, a background story to let you know the type of person I am, when it comes to being scared.

A couple of years ago, I went to Universal Studios with my band-geek crowd. Van Helsing had just been released, so there was a Van Helsing themed haunted house. I spent the entire thing cowering behind one of the guys, and about 50% of it with my face literally buried in his hood. At one point, while I wasn’t cowering as much as usual, I looked up and saw one of the guys from my group slowly edging away. He made eye contact with me, made the “shush” sign and ducked into a crevice. About 30 seconds later, he jumped out roaring to scare everyone. I screamed and jumped about a foot in the air.

IMG_0002So, it’s been established that I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to this sort of thing. Fast forward to last night. My filled-with-awesome RA arranged a trip to the PNE’s Fright Nights for us. Tons of fun, even though it was a bit rainy. But, one of the attractions that we did was this maze. Big huge black walls, corners that you couldn’t peek around, people rattling the walls and screaming all around. And occasionally, it would open up to a stereotypical horror movie scene.

Oh, man, did that maze get me. The first movie scene was a cornfield. We were all (well, except for my uber-cool-laugh-at-the-guy-in-a-costume-bf) a bit jumpy, but more giddy than anything else. In the cornfield, we see a scarecrow. He starts walking towards us, and we kind of move away laughing. The actor must have training picking out the easy targets, because as we are walking past, he yells at me. Yep, I jump and scream and cower.

We continue through, getting a bit more nervous. The atmosphere they set up was GOOD. We can kinda see through the walls and we see a forest coming up and something moving. Once we go around the corner, it looked ridiculously like the scene in The Blair Witch project that caused me to give up on watching that movie. Big, wide, with far apart skinny trees and this girl in the very middle. We stand there for a while, trying to figure out how to get through. By this point, I’m thoroughly convinced and pretty sure that that girl is capable of teleporting, so we are basically screwed. We split up and bolt around the edges.

IMG_0004After a few more dead ends and a few more screams coming from the distance, we come to a big, steaming well. None of us are going near that. The big guy in the group leads the way past, and comes to a fork. I follow the pack into it, at least until they all come bolting out of there like they have rockets on their butts screaming their heads off. I, of course, join in, not even knowing and not WANTING to know what we are running from. We go running past this group of confused people. Half plaster themselves to the wall to get outta the way, the other half join us. I look back and there’s a guy with A SCYTHE on our tails! Eventually, we get away and notice something. There are 4 of us, there were originally 6. The two missing were my boyfriend and another girl’s boyfriend. But we sure aren’t gonna move backwards. I’ve watched enough TV to know that if they are gone, they are dead and so are you if you go back. There is this small reasonable part of me saying this is just an attraction, but that part was begging me to find the emergency exit. The rest of me was truly convinced I was in a horror movie. I don’t actually remember much of the rest of the maze, I know there was talk of a guy who ran at you, dropped to his knees and slid about 10 feet. Creepy. I do know that the 4 of us got out, hung out huddled in a group by the exit and waited for what seemed like forever for the two missing boyfriends to reappear.

(ETA: They did appear after a while. They called us wimps and decided to never star in a horror movie with us.  Also, I really did have fun overall :p  I love amusement parks, but this story was definitely the overpowering “moment” of the night :D)

Happy Halloween :D

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One Response to I abandoned my boyfriend for dead.

  1. JC says:

    DID the missing boyfriends reappear? How did they feel about being left behind?

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