…Awesome package!!!

IMG_0001Okay, so last time I posted, I titled it something to do with a package. I then said nothing about the package and got rid of the package part of the title :p Now, I’m finally gonna post about it! It was from the Fingerless Glove Fanatics Fall Birthday Swap, I was SPOILED by kikibowns. Wanna see? She sent so much great stuff, and it even arrived early! I made myself wait until my birthday to open it, though. (Oh, that by the way was the 11th. I turned 20 :D)

Isn’t it wonderful?!?

She sent the pattern for Dapper Gloves (Rav Link), a yummy looking recipe for Peanut Butter cookies, a beautiful birthday card, stitch markers, two kinds of chocolate, handspun yarn from banadura.etsy.com, tapestry needles (which I forgot to bring to Uni!!), super-soft alpaca yarn and some pretty, sparkly fiber!  It was such a great package to open!  Thanks so much, kikibowns!

(Oh, and I’ve already cast on with the yummy handspun.  That is for a different post!)

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2 Responses to …Awesome package!!!

  1. Merenwen says:

    Ooh, pretty :) I signed up for the Teen RAK swap, so that should be fun.

  2. Jolynn says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday… Late. ^_^ My boyfriend’s birthday was the 11 and he turned 20 as well.

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