I’m still alive!

And I’ve been up to a lot! Besides knitting (started about a million projects…) I’ve also done some weaving, dyeing, and t-shirt-destroying. Unfortunately, I’ve also been forgetting to bring my camera everywhere. So, no pics of ANY of that cool stuff!

IMG_0004I did get a package from Rav, though! And got a picture of that, isn’t it fascinating? I took that sticker and peeled it off veeerrrrryyyy carefully and added it to my laptop sticker collection. There are now two. Skydive Kauai and Rav. I need to get more stickers. I’m pretty stoked about this little package, though. I tried to order, but my address was too massive. I then played email tag with the lovely Mary-Heather for a while, figured out a solution…and forgot. When I finally made my order, it arrived here! Where it was supposed to, the place with the massive address! I’m so totally blown away by the awesome customer service there–I mean, they are 3 people and a dog and they manage to build the site, run it (including the MASSIVE forums and the drama that comes with that sometimes!) and have a store with awesome customer service! And they give that customer service to the lame-o small-order university students! But, I’m totally stoked over my stickers and pins (and the free sticker!) and the awesomeness of Rav in general.

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One Response to I’m still alive!

  1. Batty says:

    Nice rav goodies! I like the daily dose of fiber sticker with the critters. They are so cute.

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