Cabled Newsboy Hat Take 2


And I’m not liking it quite so much. I mean, it’s cute, but the brim bugs me this time around. Looks pretty similar to the last one, less poofy, but the same pattern and the same color. I used Diamond Yarn Galway Highland Heathers and LOVE the yarn still. Up close, it’s all shimmery and colorful, but at a distance it looks solid. Pattern is still Cabled Newsboy Hat, but this time on size 9 needles for most of it.

Despite not being fond of the brim this time, it is pretty useful. You can’t tell from the photos, but it was POURING earlier today. The brim kept my glasses nice and dry. The fact that it is now sunny totally baffles me. The Rupertite in me saw rain when I woke up and resigned herself to a wet fall. Apparently in other parts of the world, when it starts raining, it DOESN’T mean it’ll be raining for the next month non-stop. Go figure, huh?

I have decided that the toque style works with my head shape and super-sleek hair, though. Until I started knitting I was very firmly Not A Hat Person. Now, I am. I’m a slouchy hat person. I’m a brimmed hat person. I’m a toque hat person. Maybe I need to knit a top hat. Give that a shot.

IMG_0009But, do you see what I mean about the brim? It’s like a golfers cap or something. I am still decidedly Not A Golfer Hat Person.  The hat itself, I like.   The brim from the front, I like.  The profile of the brim?  Totally uncool. Maybe it is fixable.  I think I’d like it if it were less…sloped.  I think I’ll undue the stitching and try adding in the mesh.  That’ll give it more shape and maybe help?  Any ideas out there on how to make the brim less golfer-y?  (Nothing against golfers, mind you.  I’m all for some mini-golf.  Especially on roofs in Kauai.  :D)

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7 Responses to Cabled Newsboy Hat Take 2

  1. kv says:

    you’re right, it’s a very flattering hat. i’d be tempted to make a bunch of them, in all colors, with all kinds of cables!

  2. Mama says:

    Sorry about stealing your last one!! This one is (almost) as nice, though. Less poofy, I guess, and with a bigger brim. Hats do look good on you – I’ve always thought so.

  3. Merenwen says:

    There’s actually a pattern for a felted top hat of sorts in Punk Knits by Share Ross. I became a hat person when I saw Eugenia Kim on Martha Stewart. Gosh, her hats are cute. So I asked for her book, Saturday Night Hat, for my 16th birthday, and I got it :) I still have to make a hat out of that book, though, but I’m still not keen on trying out my sewing machine :p

  4. Batty says:

    That hat looks great on you!

  5. Aunt Kathy says:

    I thought of the felting too, I am sure you will figure it out.

    I love hats but look horrible in them.

  6. =Tamar says:

    Just an idea: try knitting one on US size 11 needles in Aran-weight yarn and then fulling it down to size (wet thoroughly in cold water, squeeze out, sew into pillowcase, put in dryer for 20 minutes, remove, lay flat to dry). The very slight felting might make the brim stiffer without making the top too rigid to wear.

  7. Krystal says:

    No suggestions because I’ve never done that style of hat but I LOVE it on you. You’re right, from the side it does look weird. But it looks great from the front. :)

    How do you like living in a dorm?

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