Anonaesq is the coolest EVER!

‘Cause she’s making me famous! Heh! She’s made some roving colorways based on some of the Karma Yarn Swappers. I’m now a Rococo colorway :D


it even matches the color scheme of my blog <3

See:  BLF Rococo:  KnitaSaur

Isn’t that cool? And there are other colorways from KYSwappers–in Evanesce and Rococo. And they are only 15 bucks!

This is so totally cool. Big thanks to Anonaesq for the honor :D

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4 Responses to Anonaesq is the coolest EVER!

  1. Katie says:

    Great room & view, at least its not other buildings! Good luck withthe new school year, c-you on ravelry katidids

  2. yarndancer says:

    Cool! And it’s a lovely colour!

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    It’s nice to be famous, LOL

    That’s going to be a beautiful green.

  4. Merenwen says:

    That’s a pretty awesome colour :) I have a bunch of green aran to use up, so I plan on making a shrug out of it.

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