Itchy Mini-thing?

boo 040I’m quite fond of it, even though it is an itchy-mini-scarf thing. It’s made from the Baby Cable Rib Neckwarmer pattern in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky–very bad yarn choice on my part. Mohair is kinda itchy. But I love the way it looks and can see myself making more in the future out of something softer. Maybe modifying the pattern to work with Mirasol Yarn Sulka… Mmm, that would be lovely! Wool, silk and alpaca! But, it is worsted, so I’d have to make it work out. I’ve gotten pretty good at modifying, though. This is one of the few projects I’ve done with no modifications actually! I think, besides the gauge mod that would be needed, I’d get rid of the garter border or put it on both sides instead of just the one, add in a slip-stitch edge to make it a bit prettier, and probably completely change the cables to something a bit more complicated. Lol, keeping only the shape pretty much! Not saying it isn’t a lovely pattern, it’s just in my nature to modify :p

So, normally, I’m not ashamed to show my face on the blog. Evidence is above. However, this next photo is the only one I have that shows at least somewhat the length of the other scarf I knit, but my face it really…weird in it. So, it’s getting hidden. And because of who I am, it’s getting hidden with a huge obnoxious green star. I rock.

boo 037

You cannot see me.

boo 034Here’s another where I look a little strange, but not too bad :p You only get to see this too show off a bit of the texture of the scarf. Not that it is that clear, but really, it’s just a REALLY long garter stitch strip knit lengthwise with some random dropped stitches–every 6th-ish. Give or take. Sometimes as low as 3, sometimes as high as 8. Took FOREVER to cast off this one. It was intended to be Entwined from Knitty Fall 2007 but I couldn’t bring myself to do any more inches of garter stitch on a scarf that is longer than I am tall. Despite being so skinny, this is an amazingly warm scarf. Red Heart Symphony sucks to work with (tangles SO MUCH!) but makes great scarves.

I envy those of you who live in places where it is too warm to knit scarves.

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6 Responses to Itchy Mini-thing?

  1. yarndancer says:

    I love the scarf, looks nice and cosy. I’m just waiting for it to get cold here so I can wear all mine! :)

  2. ria f says:

    i like that mini-neck thing, I hate tight things around my neck, but I can totally see my sister wearing it and it is on the Christmas possibility list!

  3. Sarah says:

    nice blue neck thingie! i like it!!
    … and this is totally random, but i was sitting here reading your blog thinking “this looks familiar” and then i realized that we are currently using the same layout, just of course with a different picture.

  4. AJ says:

    I like your collar scarf. It’s such a pretty color. It reminds me of the Tudora.

  5. Aunt Kathy says:

    I love the star over your face, too funny.

    The collar scarf looks really pretty but I can’t stand anything around my neck, even in the dead of winter… fear of being strangled I think, LOL

  6. Merenwen says:

    The neckwarmer looks kinda like the collar in the premiere issue of Knit.1. I love the colour!

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