Pretty Bag

I really fail at finishing things. And I’m really good at starting things. Like, despite having 10-ish projects still on the needles, I’ve started a bag. And it’s a very pretty one. The pattern is Celtic Memories by Ganiggle and I’m using Diamond Yarn Galway Highland Heathers on US 3s to knit it. I’m having trouble getting a good pic of it, but in real life, the pattern is actually quite visible :p But no matter what I do and what kinda lighting I put it under, the camera just won’t catch it.
boo 022
I totally love the yarn I’m knittting with. Galway is one of my favorite straight-up-worsted-wool yarns to begin with, but this colorway is fantastic. The skein looks kinda boring, just very dark, almost black burgundy. But, when you look at it closely, it holds a rainbow. Plus, it isn’t scratchy, it shows cables well and feels nice at a lot of gauges. Right now, I’m knitting it very tight for the bag, and it isn’t uncomfortable at all, I’ve used it for a hat at a loose gauge and the fabric wasn’t overly floppy. I just like this yarn.
boo 024boo 026
Here’s a close up of the cable that I did earlier
boo 005
That one was frogged though, ’cause I wanted to make a few changes. I’ve added a slip-stitch edge for seaming, reversed the lattice-lace on one side so that they mirror each other and changed the cable a wee bit. If you look closely at the photo above, you might be able to pick out broken cables at the very outside on the first of the pattern repeats. On the second, I adjusted it so that the cable continued in the pattern instead of ending. I also switched from US 2s to US 3s ’cause the 2s were bamboo and cabling with out a cable needle with worsted weight yarn on practically-toothpick needles is a bit scary. The 3s are metal.

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5 Responses to Pretty Bag

  1. Sarah says:

    you spelled “knitting” with three T’s. under the first picture. :)

  2. ange says:

    That yarn is beautiful. I adore it. (ravelry comment train – zenren)

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    I am camera challenged too, but I think it looks great. I love how cables look however I rarely make things with them, I wonder why?

  4. Karen S says:

    You might want to try a darker background, less light (dusky sorta) and longer shutter time. That usually does the trick ;)

    It looks gorgeous none the less.

  5. AJ says:

    That looks like it’s going to be pretty. If you have a problem with WIPs, maybe you should join that WIP event in the Ravelympics and challenge yourself. Just a thought….

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