I’m an addict.

0000 4030000 4020000 4010000 4000000 399 So, another bunch. All glass beads, all but the black ones fit up to US 10.5 needles, the black ones fit every needle I own :p I love the new dollar store, full of pretty beads. I made all of these in about an hour while watching the middle->end of The Princess Bride. I love that movie. It’s a lot of fun. I meant to knit during it, but then I decided to catch up on some promised KYS stitch markers. I then noticed my new beads and made these ones instead. I kinda fail. I don’t work tomorrow or the next day, so I’ll get those done for sure. My fingers kinda hurt from these ones, though–I was doing some of the wraps, at least the beginning, using only my fingertips and that’s not the smartest idea. Metal tends to be stronger than flesh, I’ve noticed.

Oh, and I do still knit. I have photographic (if somewhat fuzzy) evidence :D Here is an almost done (*coughJuneKALcough*) Merletto Mitt, a Branching out Scarf and a Top to Fit Me v2.0 (complete with cool stitch marker :D).
0000 4040000 4050000 4070000 406

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4 Responses to I’m an addict.

  1. Pretty, pretty. I want to learn how to make stitch markers. You should do a tutorial! I have beads and some wire, but I have no clue what to do with them.

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  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    Again I love those beads. I wonder if our dollar store has the beads. I’ll have to send my mom to look.

  4. Your stitch markers are beautiful; I really like the glass beads. You were really doing that with just your fingers? Ouch!

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