…finally the continuation!

Okay, so another random disappearance there :p So, here’s the rest of that epic list:

  1. Cables Rock Short Using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that Nordly RAK’d me in one of her KYS packages. It was originally a long version, but there wasn’t enough in the skein for a pair, so I frogged and shortened. Unfortunately, I really suck a knitting second gloves. So, I have a glove completed and it is quite lovely, but is also quite lonely. I don’t know how many pairs of fingerless gloves one person needs, though, so these may end up gifted to someone :D
  2. Fruity Bag Um. Kinda got neglected. It’s a bag that I’m going to use for holding fruit in grocery stores instead of those flimsy, yucky plastic ones? But I was making the pattern up as I went along and then put it down… Poor thing! It’s made from SWTC Bamboo, which is quite lovely and the bamboo needles are wearing in like butter… or would be if I were using them! But, it’ll get done eventually, I’m sure.
  3. Scarfy Noro Kureyon and Diamond Yarn Galway. Quite lovely yarns and is going to be quite a nice almost stained glass window colored scarf. But, going along slowly. The needles suck–sticky plastic and are too long to knit with comfortably. So, it’s sorta not going as quickly as it really deserves to, considering the lovely yarn. I may end up just making it work on a couple of DPN’s so they aren’t so annoying. And the colors are great, but not me, so this is likely to be a gift as well.
  4. Scarf-Mitts The Entwined pattern from Knitty and Red Heart Symphony make for a nice warm fluffy scarf. More cheap sticky plastic needles make for really annoying long rows of garter stitch. So, again with the lack of progress. I’m seeing a trend. No second mitts, and no progress when using cheap sticky needles. Now, I could do something about this or I could keep with the compulsive start-ititis.
  5. Top to Fit me v2.0 This time, it’s Picovoli, available from Notions. Lovely pattern, I’m knitting the 38 inch bust with a different gauge, which according to my calculations should make it fit me. Crossing fingers! I’d love to have a top for me eventually! Love the needles, hate all of the stitch markers I’ve used so far. I guess as someone who makes them, I’m kinda picky. Some have bent, some have snagged, some are too heavy…
  6. Star Wallet Lovely yarn, but gonna be frogged, so I’m not even go into detail.
  7. probably gonna be frogged… Again, may as well not say much.

And that’s about it, methinks. Maybe we’ll get back to regular blogging eventually…

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2 Responses to …finally the continuation!

  1. kv says:

    supercute mitts! and just in time for m summer of gloves!

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    Well with all those projects on the needles it’s no wonder you haven’t blogged, lol. Me I just keep the projects in the queue, lol… therefore I never seem to get anything done. I like the glove though, I have heard of second sock syndrome, hmm wonder what the glove syndrome is called??

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