kinda epically long…

To get my butt in gear for the summertime, and the finishin’s easy group
on Rav, I’ve decided to get a recap of all my WIP’s, on the needles and off (meaning, the ones that need non-knitting-finishing :D) So, get comfy, this is gonna take a while… All links are Rav links, apologies to those of you not on. You can click on the pictures to get to the originals, proper sizes maybe, or the titles to get to my Rav Page.

The WIPs

  1. Almost Armor. Just started today as a KAL with the KYSwappers. Called Almost Armor because the color is almost metallic. Armor-ish, even. The pattern Branching Out in some yummy Artfibers Golden Siam that was Karma’d to me from MLO. I think it’s fitting to use a KYS yarn in a KYS KAL. The photo doesn’t do it justice–not big enough and the lace isn’t blocked. But I think this is gonna turn out gorgeous. And, lacy silk? Perfect for the cool summers that I get for living in the rainiest city in Canada.
  2. Baker’s Dozen Lazy Anklets. Another KAL, this time with the Baker’s Dozen KAL group on Rav. Monthly pattern and two year-long ones. First is Basic Sock Recipe, but I got bored and decided to make them anklets. Really short anklets. Just to annoy my BF with another pair of “not real socks.” He’s got a weird prejudice against anklets.
  3. Black Black Heart. Test knitting Under the Rose for Ganiggle on Rav. Beautiful pattern and I’m aware that the hearts are actually red. The yarn is (red) KP Palette and KP essential. These are going to be quite nice gloves, if a bit big on my scrawny wrists. Luckily, they aren’t intended for me. Silly skinny-wrist-ness makes unmodified glove patterns an automatic gift to someone.
  4. FGF June KAL. My poor Merletto Mitts, after all the mods I’ve made, have been sorely neglected. See, I stole the needles I was using to use on Under the Rose. Again, the yarn is KP Palette. These were gonna be way too big, but I made them not. Hopefully, I can redecypher my modifications once I get to doing the second set. It would kinda suck to not be able to make them fit me after all that work!
  5. Zort’s Zig Zag. Failing utterly to test-knit Zortified’s Spiral Zig Zag pattern. I don’t like frogging, but I did something wonky in the palm, so I have to. Plus, this yarn (Sox 4 Color Twister) is totally unsuitable for the pattern and for my taste in gloves. Far too bright and variegated, for both, actually. It overwhelms the pattern and I’m unlikely to wear them.
  6. Large.. The gloves I was knitting to pre-test-knit the large size of By Starlight. They are just hanging out waiting for their turn to be knit–at least the second one is. The first is done, except maybe the thumb.

You know what? It’s late. I’ll do the other…7? some other day.

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4 Responses to kinda epically long…

  1. Joan says:

    Those are some gorgeous WIP’s! I think I got a few ideas for my queue..

  2. Turtle says:

    lol, more??? I am at the point where most everything is caught up and it is starting new.

  3. PrincessPea says:

    It’s such a good idea to have a project audit now and again! Sometimes I get quite overwhelmed by all the unfinished things lying around, and when I sort them out it turns out only a few are ‘live’ at the moment.

    7 more? Good grief, how many things are you working on!?

  4. Pup says:

    Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate! Can’t wait to see the other…7? soon :P

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