I’ve been RAKed!

Big thanks to Amanda (1stitchwonder on Ravelry) for completely spoiling me!
0000 263
beadsnstuffThere’s all sorts of pliers and wire cutters and TONS of pretty toggles and fancy headpins and normal headpins and jump rings and PEARLS! And I had just gotten to the point of running out of supplies again. Thanks sooo much, Amanda! This is so great! Those fancy pins are beautiful and will make some lovely markers. I’ll have to be sure to find some people with stitch markers on their RAK wishlist to pass the karma along!

angrywoolSpeaking of karma, the latest Karma-mail has arrived from Nandodge and it is lovely! Fingering weight green/gray yarn :D Froehlich Wolle Die Tolle Wolle, in case you were interested. Quite the name :D You should hear my dad’s “angry German” version of pronouncing the name. It becomes quite the intimidating ball o’ yarn. But, I believe it will make lovely fingerless gloves of some sort, as that is all that I knit these days. Very gratifying, those things.

Moving on slightly:
0000 2680000 269
Okay, so it doesn’t look like much progress. But, there really has been! ‘Cause I frogged ’em to make them fit me. I’ve also added the lace pattern to the underside and plan to fix the thumb gusset to fit my hand. Oh, and changed the ribbing and added more rows of it. Does it count as a KAL if you make the pattern unrecognizable?

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4 Responses to I’ve been RAKed!

  1. Mary Ann / ibby says:

    I think everyone will still count them as a KAL at the group. They’re looking so pretty. I haven’t started either the KAL or the CAL because I’m going to be test knitting another pair of fingerless gloves. Imagine that!

    What a great RAK you received! Do you belong to some group who does that? I used to belong to a club on msn where we did that.

    See you at Ravelry!

  2. Cyn says:

    Ha! I have what I suspect is the exact same set of mini-pliers. The wire cutters in that set are made of ass and evil and cutting-fail. So watch out for them. (The rest of the pliers seem to behave nicely.) Woooo! Shiny pearls! Shiny things are AWESOME.

  3. Bianca says:

    To answer JC’s question: RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness, and that is a group on Ravelry. The kindness lies in the point that someone is fulfilling a wish of someone else – and that can be done secret or known. If known the recipient knows that a parcel will be on its way, when secret the sender will be revealed when the package arrives.

    I agree though… you have been spoiled. LOL! I hope you will have fun making beautiful stitch markers. Personally I love your mittens in progress.

  4. JC says:

    Color me oblivious, but what is RAKed?

    And I think the gloves look beautiful with the ribbing. More visually interesting.

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