The Happy Post

Okay, so first things first. My blog buddy and I decided to do something a bit more fun than just linking to each others sidebars for blog-buddy-ness. So, we decided to do a week of photography. This week, we are doing “Expressions” as the theme, and Monday was the day for HAPPY! Now, despite it being the third sunny day in a row in the rainiest city in Canada, I couldn’t find anyone that looked happy. I mean, everyone in my family was happy, but I had a Plan. I was going to go out and find random happy strangers and take a ton of happy photos and post them as a collage type thing. BUT NO ONE LOOKED HAPPY. There were a lot of people out, which is rare here, but they all looked totally grumpy. Now its nighttime and dark and I’m the only one with a camera and I have this problem with taking happy pictures of myself. They all become those weird-angle-myspace-profile-emo-pics. Not too happy looking. So, I scrounged a bit. And found this:
That’s actually a photo from last year TWO YEARS AGO, but it emanates joy. I mean, I was leaving high school :p Happy times. Oh, and that’s my mom with me :D Go check out my blog-buddy g-ster, ’cause she may actually have a current photo.

Now, for something that made me happy today–the BF played photographer again :D
0000 219
0000 2180000 221
These are coming along nicely, one more to do and then the larger size. The testers are doing amazingly well and catching all sorts of things, including a line that made about as much sense as a monkey at the keyboard. I’m pretty excited.

0000 2160000 217
snake1Now for some older ones–the Dumber Than Snake Mittens finally got their chance at decent photographs. They are so bright and fun! I have no idea if I’ll ever actually wear them ’cause they are so bright, but I can definitely see me using the basic pattern and inserting another cable pattern in, with a decent yarn (not Caron Simply Soft Brites! in Limelight :p) Maybe the DNA cable? Oooh, that is totally happening!

And he got some good pictures of the Bronte’s Mitts that I did for the May KAL in FGF. They are so soft and warm and wonderfully pretty.
0000 2130000 214
0000 212
I’m looking forward to the June patternMerletto Mitts are so great-looking and KALs are fun!

And last one–I’m test knitting a pair of zig-zaggy gloves for Zortified . We are bit worried about the yarn choice, ’cause it may be too busy for the pattern stitch.
0000 211

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5 Responses to The Happy Post

  1. gloria19 says:

    Love the short gloves!

  2. moonhonu says:

    You’ve been busy! Kudos to the bf on the clear pics. My daughter would so love the snakes!

  3. rainin9 says:

    I like that picture alot. It’s overflowing with happiness. :D

  4. joanie1803 says:

    Very nice gloves! I like the purling to set off the thumb gusset on the purple ones. And the snakes! Are they Slytherin- or Cleopatra-inspired? ;)

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