Look what arrived at my house today!

boxIsn’t it pretty! I was vaguely annoyed at being called away from the Neverending Kick-Ass Offer! thread on KYS, but that totally disappeared when the Canada Post person asked for my signature. Holding a big box with my name on it. And I knew that box just had to hold the Chunky Monkey Join Hands! swap package from Jenn (Swiggles on Rav.) We were both bad swappers and got sick and sent packages out late, but seeing as I’m a mod for Chunky Monkey I excused us both from going on the “Bad Swappers” list :p We just had a later deadline than everyone else, that’s it! :D Anywho, I’m betting you want to know what’s in there, don’t you?

Excuse the fuzzy photos. I was too excited to worry about taking good ones :D So, what’s in there? Super-soft, super-pretty blue Bernat Harmony, yummy Lindt 70% Chocolate (MMM!), the most delicious smelling body lotion EVER from Rainforest Cafe, adorable little butterfly soaps, a sling-shot/cup holder thing so I don’t to take those cardboard ones (COOL!), purse-sized Mary Kay satinhands hand cream, manicure kit, those toe-spreader things, fizzy minty foot-bliss things, nail polish remover, and a Mary Kay tweezer/nail clipper/general grooming kit in a cute little triangle! I’VE BEEN THOROUGHLY SPOILED! :D Thank you so much Jenn! What an awesome package to have come in the mail! I hope yours gets to you soon and you like what I sent you!

I decided to spoil me a bit yesterday, too, for the whole GETTING INTO DESIGN SCHOOL THING THAT I ALREADY MENTIONED! (Oh, yeah, for those of you who asked, the post below has a picture of my acceptance into design school. Here’s the photo shoot that my BF did of the things I made for my portfolio) Although, had I known that package would get here today, I totally wouldn’t have. That is an awesome swap package. :D

0000 2010000 203Yep, mmmMalabrigo. Yummy. It’s got the yardage to make my gloves, which I’ve done some modifications to, and am just tidying up before getting to the testers. Moved the cables around so they are prettier, need to get the thumb gusset fixed, turned out huge in the other pair. That’ll be pretty easy, and actually will make the pattern easier to read, too, ’cause I can make the gusset increases line up with the remaining cables.
0000 202

And, yep, I now know that all the mmmmalabrigo fuss is about. That yarn makes me happy and all drool-y. I’m a quite thoroughly happy person right now :D

I’m gonna finish off with a few contest hits that I don’t want you to go to AT ALL. But, if you must, let ’em know I sent you. Sigh.

veronikavery is giving away some luscious brick red Mountain Goat yarn that is hard to get in Canada. Contest has been open one day and there are 100+ comments. No really? I’m blogrolling her for the photography. Yummy.

LaVerna at Ridiculous Obsession is giving away some skeins of yarn, mystery what they are gonna be though. Just tell her what you like about summer!

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6 Responses to Look what arrived at my house today!

  1. Jenn says:

    Yep, Krystal was my secret pal in the Scavenger Hunt Swap. That was so awesome! I hope they have another one. Krystal was a great spoiler.

    I’m so glad you got the package, and glad you liked it.
    Congratulations on getting in to design school! Definately worth celebrating!

  2. moonhonu says:

    Sweet package! Don’t you just love it when the mailman honks? (it means something too big for the mailbox is arriving!)

  3. Krystal says:

    OMG this is so weird… she was my swap partner for the scavenger hunt swap this winter. I sent the package to her. How crazy is that??

    It looks really nice!

    Ooooh I love the cables in that malabrigo. :)

  4. mama k says:

    Just lovely! I am not down w/ cables yet, but when I am I want to try your pattern. :)

  5. shaina says:

    Awesome package! I’m still waiting for mine.

  6. Tracy (psst) says:

    Look how pretty that yarn looks in the cables!

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