Lots of gloves!

Okay, so as of this minute, there 60 comments on the contest post. Not all are entries, but that is a LOT of people. Thanks so much, guys! I can’t wait (oh, and can’t believe what I’m about to say) wait to do the averages and get them into the newsletter!. This is so awesome. You should all feel good for helping with research and bringing the world forward and such. Learned something cool from the comments–donnadb pointed out that

hands and feet mirror each other. So my feet are 9″ around at the ball, and my hands are 9″ around with the thumb. You might get good info by looking at average foot measures, which are probably better studied than hand measurements.

Okay, now that’s pretty cool. I knew that your fist should be about half the circumference of your neck and your waist is about double your neck, assuming you are perfectly proportioned. And that whole foot-forearm length thing. It’s all pretty neat. The human body is pretty cool. If you know of any more random facts like that, let me know! They fascinate me for some reason!

So, here’s why I’ve been collecting this stuff:
That is the work of this morning. Design is pretty well written up and I’ll be looking for some testers once I get it tidied. Braided cables, hitting just-about-the-elbow, tapering closer and closer together as they move towards the wrist. Then, one of the cables totally tapers off and the remaining 3 stitches become the beginning of the thumb gusset. A couple other cables continue on up the hand before ending in ribbing at the knuckles. Pretty well the coolest thing I’ve done all day. Maybe even all week :p
Look, here’s the cable:

I’ve also got a couple of pics of my cute little sis and the gloves I test-knit and a fuzzy, completely non-giveaway photo of a lacy pair of gloves I’m designing.

0000 1890000 1900000 193

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One Response to Lots of gloves!

  1. Tory says:

    And your head is supposed to be 1/6 of your total height, assuming you’re older than 8 years old :)

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