so, no fun title. But, look! Yarn!

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So, a nice batch of stuff in the mail. BUT STILL NO STIKKIN ACCEPTANCE LETTER. And now it’s a long weekend, so no mail ’till TUESDAY. This is getting kinda annoying! The BF got his ages ago!

alpaca Finished the lacy Alpaca mitts, wore them once and decided I didn’t like the rolling, so I decided to give an attempt at blocking. I hope it’ll help! I also started and finished test knitting a pair of gloves for Kaya on Ravelry, which are going to be published in a teen magazine a bunch of them are doing. Pretty cool.

Except for the whole lack of acceptance letter thing, it’s been a pretty good week.  That up there is some serious yarn acquisition. Add that to the kick-butt sales I mentioned in the last post (although, I’m less stoked about that after finding out that my “commission” isn’t actually worth putting any effort into sales at all. I mean, not that I’m gonna stop, ’cause it’s kinda fun, but there is no monetary incentive to speak of.) and the fact that I WON the most recent hockey game. Won as in, scored the ONLY goal of the game. And the newsletter was a success, except for poor Maerchen and Ganiggle. Can you believe I managed to LOSE their article between the website and my laptop?  It still exists, it just didn’t make it into the paper and I feel really bad!  Definitely going into the next issue with a HUGE I’M SORRY! next to it.  I’m also looking into getting a fingerless glove pattern I’m desiging into a book, but not too worried about it if it doesn’t.  I mean, that would be so totally cool, but the pattern was meant to be in the next issue of the Fingerless Glove Fanatics newsletter. Well, that was the original thought for it. But, whatever works :D

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One Response to Uncreative.

  1. Merenwen says:

    I have to restrain myself from buying yarn… I’m supposed to be using up my stash this summer. The gloves look cool – I just finished my swatch scarf last night, all it needs is blocking and maybe tassles or a fringe!

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