Fingerless Glove Fanatics Newsletter the First!

Is done! Out! Available!

Click HERE to get it! It’s a PDF download from :D

I’m pretty stoked. It came from the Ravelry group–the Fingerless Glove Fanatics. They wrote some cool articles, a lot of interviews, 4 awesome prize donors, a contest!
Oh, yeah, if you want to vote, on pages 6-7 is the photo contest, and you can vote here.

Oh, and I’m sure you want to see the prizes, right? One is going to one of the contributors, one to the photo contest winner and two to two of the members who participate in a little quiz-contest based on the newsletter.
In no particular order:
From FearlessFibers (,

FearlessFibers has generously offered to donate a skein of her laceweight merino and the Orchid Lace Mitts by Anne Hanson to one of our lucky members. Check out the forums to see how you could win! This is a top quality 100% merino wool laceweight yarn. This is a 2-ply yarn that runs toward the heavier end of a laceweight, providing for a comfortable knit and excellent stitch definition.


dhyfrom trivimp (,

100% merino wool
100 g. / 440 yds.
Colorway: Plum Crazy
Note: This yarn is not superwash; it will felt. Hand wash, dry flat.


From Lykkefanten (

A little skein of handspun silk/merino. I adore the shine that the silk gives this yarn, and it is sooo soft. It’s DK weight and approximately 170.6 yards.
The yarn for the contest was just so beautiful as fibres
that I just tried to give it justice by spinning it into something quite thin but still soft and airy. I hope I succeeded (but will let the winner decide)


crazy monkey adcrazy monkey yarn
From CrazyMonkey (

This yarn is 65% Superwash Wool, 35% Bamboo Rayon, in the colorway of “Sweet Red Wine”. 100g, 490 yd of soft shiny fingering-weight goodness.
The “Color Story” of this yarn is that I started with the deep deep red-brown color and added black (which turned into a great charcoal grey), a silver grey, and a fuchsia which reinforced the redness of the red-brown that I started with. When re-wound, the colors reminded me of the reds of a sweet wine, swirling around its glass.

Check out the thread on the boards to comment or just hang out!

Random life note: At work I was reminded “Customers first! Let’s get those sales up! You’re new, so the really low numbers you have are okay for now, but you are about a hundred bucks below the store average.”

Then, this shift, my HOURLY sales were about 30 bucks lower than the sales they wanted me to have for the SHIFT. I sold nearly QUADRUPLE what they expected from me. I rock a bunch of different levels.

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2 Responses to Fingerless Glove Fanatics Newsletter the First!

  1. cdaniele says:

    You did an amazing job!

  2. Karen S says:

    Very cool newsletter! (I loved it)
    And congrats on rocking the sales world! Of course you are the coolest person ever ;)

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