Totally Important Post.

And it doesn’t even involve knitting. What this post is is me telling you to go somewhere else. Not for good, mind you, I happen to be quite fond of readers and comments. But, I think I’ve found another blog that deserves reading :D It’s called Labels are for Jars and it has pictures of one of the cutest kids ever. This is coming from the girl who will stop reading a blog if it has too much showing off of kids. I’m not generally fond of children. I plan to never have any of my own. I tend to not really care about other people’s children. I do happen to be quite fond of my kid sisters and their friends, but random people’s kids just don’t interest me. So the fact that I’m recommending a blog about a kid is saying something.

It is written by megincl on Ravelry. I’m gonna steal her quote from there:

Blogging about raising a boy who pushes back on many social boundaries thrust on him. Muddling my way through the journey. Come visit!

I don’t really know what else to say, so I’m gonna finish by giving you a link straight to her first post, where she explains the purpose of her blog. (Ahem. I wasn’t paid to post this. I actually do think you should go there and am totally not just advertising.)

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3 Responses to Totally Important Post.

  1. Shea says:

    oops. that should have read people without kids. damn. can’t write anymore.

  2. Shea says:

    HaHaHa! I can’t say that I blame you about the kids. My youngest is killing me! If I had had him first, there wouldn’t have been a second one.

    Other people’s kids are always scary. Believe it or not, it’s different when they’re your own. I say that, then people with kids look at me like i’m crazy, especially after a hefty dose of my two year old! :)

  3. megincl says:

    Wow! I just found this on my blog stats page. Thanks so much for the huge honor of linking to my blog here, as well as the words that you wrote. It means a lot. Wow. I’m a bit speechless…..Thank you.

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