Slight sob…

‘Cause this is what happens when you don’t swatch and measure ribbing when it isn’t stretched
0000 171
:( That was my t-shirt style Eiffel. Frogged. It was way too small. It didn’t just look too small ’cause of the ribbing. Sigh. So, I’ve cast on a larger size and I’m not gonna stop and move on just ’cause I’m bored after not quite enough inches. This will fit me, darn it.

Okay. Moving on. A couple more yarn acquisitions <3 A parcel from Craftymommy on KYS contained some KP Memories in Fly Fishing and a skein of pretty blue-purple Welsh wool :D
0000 1720000 173

Oh, and a random conversation from work :p
Me: “Hi, can I help you find anything?”
Cruise ship guy who can’t speak English very well: “These pants–another in my size?”
Me: *glances through rack* “No, I don’t see any, sorry. That’s the last one we have in that size.”
CSG: “No others? But these are damaged.”
Me: *glances are perfectly good distressed jeans* “I don’t think they are, actually. That’s the style. See, all of the pants of that style have the fading and threads. It’s how they are manufactured.”
CSG: “No, this is damaged. Do I get a discount?”
Me: “I’m sorry, no, that’s the style. They are meant to look like that. Would you like to try on this style? It doesn’t have the distressed details.”
CSG: “I’d like the discount on these.”
Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t give a discount on undamaged products. How about this other style?”
This goes on for a couple of minutes.
CSG: *notices my trainee badge* “Oh, you are trainee. Can I speak to manager about getting discount on damaged product?”
No manager around, enter senior employee
SE: “I’m sorry, but the product isn’t damaged. They are already on sale, and you do get a discount for being a cruise ship passenger. If you don’t like that style, can I suggest this one?”
CSG: “No, I want discount on these damaged pants.”
Goes on for a few minutes more. Another employee comes along and the cycle continues.

He eventually bought the jeans. For like 15 bucks. I mean, trying to get a discount when it’s only gonna cost you 15 bucks to begin with? *rollseyes* But, anywho, new job is going fairly well, except I fail as an employee. Called in sick the first day, then the first time they needed to call me in, my phone got busy while I was waiting for the call to say whether or not they really would need me, and stayed busy until it was too late for them to get me in (I wasn’t avoiding them, I swear.) AND THEN I was 56 minutes late for a shift ’cause I thought I worked Friday, not Thursday. Oh, and that was the day the regional manager was in. And, yep, this is all in the first two weeks. I fail.

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4 Responses to Slight sob…

  1. Terese says:

    Ah, I wish you luck with your Eiffel. It really hurt to frog some things… :/
    I’m sure you’ll love it when it finally fits you, though. It’s a lovely shirt.

    Oh, and I hear you on the pigheaded customers. I work in a customer service over the phone, and oh my god, the things one get to hear! And the way some people just don’t seem to accept the obvious… Unbelievable sometimes.. :)

  2. Merenwen says:

    15 bucks? Considering the price of a pair of jeans, I’d say that’s pretty good. I have a pair that are faded and have pulls in them…they’re my dad’s old jeans, and they fit when wearing a belt ;)

  3. rainin9 says:

    Hey, don’t worry. The first few weeks are tough cause you’re kinda thrown into this new culture you don’t know. You spend your time getting used to the ins and outs, and before you know it, you’ll be whizzing like a pro! :)

  4. Batty says:

    See, I remember one of the good things about working with people being… well, all those people. But I also remember that one of the bad things about working with people were the people I really, really could have done without. Granted, some of those jeans look like they’ve been worn to death by several generations of very active teenagers, but to want a discount on $15, for jeans that look like that on purpose? If you don’t like ’em damaged, don’t buy ’em! Sheesh.

    Things will get better! The first 2-3 weeks on a new job are spent trying to figure out the ins and outs of things. You’re learning, don’t be too hard on yourself.

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