Quick Post

shirt‘Cause I may have to go to work.
This shirt has made me discover that I don’t like most stitch markers. Or maybe I’m just a snob ’cause I make them myself. But, the ones on there are my 4th set–some had annoyingly bendy wire, some caught the yarn. These seem nice, but a bit heavy. I’m so picky. Notice a bunch of unwoven ends. Ends are my bane. I still haven’t done the ones on the Dumber than Snake mitts (or the thumb on there) or the ones ones on the bamboo mitts. Or Dropped the Bag, actually. It’s still waiting for a lining.

But, to distract myself from that, here’s the second alpaca mitt and some yummy KYS yarn
0000 1660000 1670000 1680000 1690000 1700000 1630000 1610000 164
Some fiber in there, too, mohair I believe. I’d be getting quite the stash if it weren’t for the mailing out part of the group :p

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3 Responses to Quick Post

  1. sappmama says:

    Love the blues, and I’m not usually into blue.

    You’re making some pretty stitches, too.

  2. rainin9 says:

    I like the blue yarns! :D
    As for blog-buddy funness, let’s do a swap! Hehe

  3. Becky says:

    Thanks for your visit to, and comment on, my blog.
    In answer to your question, the photo of the little miniature iris is mine. It was only 4″ tall. It was the only bloom I had until yesterday, when a second group showed a bloom. That will be on tomorrow’s entry!

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