I’m a fearless knitter, but….

Say the words “Crochet Bind-off” and something weird happens. And it involves a lot of needles.
0000 154
So, if you have any way of helping me to understand how the heck you are supposed to

Using crochet hook as if it were a knitting needle, cast off next 5 sts, chain 3, slip stitch into
last cast off stitch at base of chain. Repeat around, working picots every five sts.

please let me know!

Oh, I had my first day on the job yesterday.  Caught on to the actual selling stuff part pretty quickly, computer stuff is easy.  But the getting customers to not blow you off with “Oh, I’m just looking.”?  Astoundingly difficult.  And I found it got harder and harder as my painkillers wore off :p  Learned a few cool things, though.  Jeans don’t shrink in, only length-wise. Don’t ask me why, but it certainly explains why the jeans I bought a size up hoping they’d shrink to fit still don’t actually fit :D  And the darker the wash, the more they’ll shrink up, up to three inches or something like that.  And it turns out, part of my job is to try on EVERY CUT AND STYLE in the store.  While working.  If it’s slow, they WANT me to just go and try on clothes and show them off to coworkers.  So that we all know what cuts work on each others body types and can use that with customers who are similarly shaped.  Fun. :D

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7 Responses to I’m a fearless knitter, but….

  1. Nano says:

    Your Bronte’s look so warm and comfy. Did the crochet cast off work for you?

  2. Jolynn says:

    Hmm… I never knew that about jeans…

  3. Joan says:

    For me, something weird always happens when the word crochet is involved! Good luck. And I’m glad the new job is working out okay.

  4. rainin9 says:

    Liz got to the explaining part before I did. -.- Ah well, she explains better than I anyway haha ^^

  5. Batty says:

    I love your store’s policy. It doesn’t just mean you get to have fun, it also means you can give good advice when someone walks in and wants jeans that don’t make one’s flubber bulge over the sides and such. Thanks for taking the time to investigate and sparing some poor soul the horror of looking in a mirror and deciding not to eat for the next 4 months because the darn jeans are cut for a 13 year old boy!

    Oops… did an opinion slip out? Well, maybe. : )

  6. Merenwen says:

    You get to try on clothes when there’s not a lot of customers? I’m jealous :p I didn’t get the shopping gene, but I’m in heaven when I get clothes that fit good and look spectacular.

  7. Liz says:

    What you are trying to do is put nice little bumps every 5 stitches for a nice edging. Cast off as directed using the crochet hook as the right needle. Chain 3 using the crochet hook and then put the hook into the last loop made in the last cast off and pull up a loop. Put this loop back on the left needle and cast off 5 more stitches. Continue around. It will get easier after a few times. What is up with all those other needles tho???

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