A million ends to weave

Okay, so on my very last row of the bamboo gloves–the VERY LAST ONE–guess what I run into?

0000 141

Yep. A knot. In the last row. Had it been a few inches more into the skein, it wouldn’t have mattered. But, no, it was just barely there in time to mess it up a little. Anywho, Holey bamboo gloves are finished except for…weaving in ends :D

0000 1420000 143

Dumber Than Snake Mitts are finished except for thumbs and…weaving in ends.

0000 144

I finished a short sleeve for Eiffel a while back before realizing I made the large size, not medium. Der. So, started again with the proper amount of stitches.

0000 1450000 146

And I’ve started a bag with more of that SWTC Bamboo. Love that stuff. Different colorway this time. It’s gonna be a stretchy produce bag for my mom ’cause we’re green like that.

0000 149

0000 1500000 151

So, today was meant to be my first day at the clothing store I just got hired at. Notice the meant to be part. Yep, ended up not being so because I woke up with a fever of 104. So, I called in sick MY MOM called me in sick on my first day. Grah. They seemed okay with it after the words “Emergency Room.” I hate hospitals. And I was looking forward to working! I mean, not when I’m feverish, but it seems like it’ll be a fun place and it sucks that I’m sick.
Ah well. Have another picture of Panda. I promise I don’t love her more than Ketchup–she’s just been sitting still more often in the past couple of days.
0000 153
Oh, and what’s a post without showing off some KYS acquisitions?
0000 1480000 147

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6 Responses to A million ends to weave

  1. Kate says:

    The snake mitts are FABULOUS!!

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m noticing a trend. You seem to have some sort of issue with weaving in ends (I’m captian obvious)
    C’mon it’s not that big a deal. just get it over with.

  3. Shea says:

    Your poor toe!

    I love the snake mittens! awesome!

  4. Maerchen says:

    Yipes! So sorry you’re down with the strep! It makes its way through my workplace (child care) about once a year, and it’s never pretty.

    The snakes look awesome.

    I hope your cats are taking good care of you!

  5. Eryn says:

    Oh noes! Are you better? Feel up for a meme?

  6. Merenwen says:

    I wish that MY can would sit still… the first photos of her that I took aren’t that great, because she’d sniff the keychain camera that I use. She was sitting still today, but the photos were too dark. Argh.

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