So, a random response

First off: Go read the lumpy sweater post titled “Weird People Radar: I can haz it?”

Okay? Done? This was meant to be a comment on that post, but is way too long and epic for that. So, my weird people experience.

Like most of her stories, it begins with in a library. I’ve got myself huddled up in the corner that has the best wireless connection, with a laptop and textbook open in front of me, headphones on. Cue weird person.

Weird Person = Random little asian guy in the electrical program at my college that I’ve never seen before in my life. Well, I’ve probably seen him, but never registered him in my people-index. As far as I’m concerned, he began to exist in that moment. What moment?

The moment he settled in to the chair across the table from me, of course. And sat there staring for a good 5 minutes. Creepy, yes? Eventually, I notice his mouth moving, and politely take off the headphones. I get the kinda strange introduction: “Hi, my name is ___, but my friends call me ___.” Both names that I totally can’t pronounce. I smile politely and pointedly go back to my laptop screen. A few minutes pass. He then tells me that he is in the electrical program. I smile politely and go back to my laptop screen. He asks what I’m doing, I say “I’m writing an essay that is due about an hour”, give a slight grimace that could be taken as a polite smile and start fondling my headphones, which are still playing because I was hoping to get back to them quickly. He then comments on the fact that a friend of his in the electrical program says I’m quite nice. I’m getting a little annoyed because I’m not a people-person and really dislike not being the one to initiate conversations. Plus, I don’t know anyone in the electrical program. However, I’ve also got this innate need to at least be sorta polite, so I again point out that I have an essay due in an hour and really don’t have time to chat. He sits staring for a few minutes, mentions that I’m pretty, then his half-hour lunch ends and he goes to class.

Later: He shows up and sorta barges his way into the little knot of people I’m hanging out with in the hallway. Asks if I want to go get lunch with him. I politely decline, saying that my boyfriend and I have plans, actually. He sorta wanders away. This sort of thing continues on for about a week–him showing up and asking if I want to do something, me responding with an excuse usually centered around the fact that I have a boyfriend. Eventually, I figure, he must understand by now that I’m totally not interested in him and since he can’t be that much of an idiot and I forgot my lunch, I went with him to subway. Awkward lack of talking, ’cause he doesn’t talk and I eventually head off to workout with a friend.

I get a phone call at home from him asking if I want to go walk his dog with him. I glance outside, notice it’s pouring and say quite unkindly that I wouldn’t go walk my boyfriend’s dog in this weather, let alone some random guy who’s following me around. Then, I clue in and ask how he got my number. Turns out his big brother was my tailor.

Creepy? Very. I haven’t had an article of clothing tailored since. I also spent most of the next month or so refusing to go out in public without being thoroughly latched onto my over-6-foot-tall boyfriend.

Other weird people? The random 14 year old kid in CHOP who is infatuated with me and calls me the Sound Ninja. Crazy cat lady who would only come through my till when I worked at Overwaitea. Countless people on buses who like to give me their life stories. I think weird people take glazed-over looks as encouragement.

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6 Responses to So, a random response

  1. kaet says:

    I’m very thankful I don’t have anyone near to stalking me, but I do have one person I will hurry past so I don’t have to exchange more than a nod on the street. I think he’s a nice person who just doesn’t realise he makes me uncomfortable, and to let him know that I’d have to get to know him better first. Catch-22, I suppose.

    Can you bar ‘your’ guy from calling your phone, if he does so again?

  2. Chelsea says:

    lol, funny! I mean, it wouldn’t be funny if it happened to me (I don’t think there’s much of a chance of it right now, no boyfriend, no person to creep me out -at the present-). I get stuck with weirdo’s alot (most of them I know, though.)lol

    I pity you.


  3. Beth aka wintershuman says:

    God, this happens to me, too! I need that radar thing! No matter where I am, people talk to me – about all kinds of weird things. I’ve had to learn NOT to make eye contact, which is totally opposite of my personality. Even that only works sometimes. Can’t believe your tailor gave out your number (even if it was to his own brother) – that’s just creepy.

    P.S. Love the blog!

  4. MJ says:

    Love your story, too!
    I don’t need the radar, but my friend does. We volunteer as docents at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and this guy about our age follows her around. Do you know how hard it is to follow someone through a museum? Well, apparently this guy know how to do it very well. At one point, he even waited outside the bathroom for her and followed her while she ran up 3 flights of stairs!
    He’s the typical obnoxious-nerd type (maybe kinda even looks like your weirdo guy), but with a stalker twist. Muy creepy. When we all met, she considered giving a false name to lead him off the trail, but couldn’t think fast enough. Thankfully, our supervisor has the good grace to place her and him in opposite sides of the museum.
    She hasn’t the heart to let this hopeless romantic know her feelings for him are about as cold and hard as the dinosaur bones in our collection.

  5. genuinelye says:

    The life stories always kill me. It’s like, hmm, let me relate my entire depressing life to this random 17 year old. I’m considering buying a pop-up “Confessions” booth, and then I can just charge them $5 per minute to blather at me.

  6. rainin9 says:

    Haha, oh man, that guy is so creepy!

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