We all need a little more snake in our lives.

Just to prove there is some astounding amount of generosity out there, take a look at this:
0000 1130000 114
That is the entire Huggable Hedgehog KIT! In the RAK group on Rav, I posted that I was looking for the pattern, as I can’t buy it for myself ’cause I don’t have a credit card or paypal account. DebiRN then bought the entire kit and had it sent to me! When I started knitting this summer, blogs all over were filled with these adorable little guys and I was stoked for when I’d be able to make my own. So, I was hoping someone who had already done it and was finished with the pattern would send it to me and I would find stashed yarn to work–but thanks to her I can make one just like the pattern shows! And I bet he’ll end up with some garishly bright brothers and sisters, too, later :D But, yah, I’m pretty stoked! HUGE thanks going out to Debbie!

Speaking of garishly bright: here is number 1 in the garishly bright Dumber Than Snake Mittens.
0000 116
And to offset that, here is a really cute kitty nose.
0000 115

Along with the amazing package from Debbie, there were a couple more yesterday (and I’m beginning to think the mail-person (sometimes male, sometimes female. but this applies to both) hates me :p They showed up 3 separate times :D
I got some KnitPicks Shadow, that is more blue than purple from Nandodge
0000 111
and a mystery purple and 3! skeins of sportweight alpaca from nordly
0000 1120000 110
(Immediately swatched to see if it’ll work for Bronte’s Mitts–the May KAL for FGF–which it will! Yay!)
0000 109
Along with a pattern book from cccavicch and some coilless safety pins and a couple of charms from pocketmouse1189!

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