Hmm. Me?

Why not? I’ve been blogging for a few months now, why not do a “get to know me” post :p That and the knitting front has been pretty boring, and there are no new shinies to show off.

Starting with that mini-profile thing blogger puts in my top corner:

I’m a university student who likes to play with string, tape, and shiny things. I may have a jumping-out-of-planes habit and an addiction to my camera. I also play “designer” sometimes.

Fairly self explanatory. Except:
I’m not currently a university student. I did my first year and a half at the local college, but found it wasn’t working with me. I’m not a stupid person, I’m actually really smart (modest, too.) I just didn’t see the point in anything I was learning, and I’m really lazy :D So, after the first semester of the year, I dropped out. Unfortunately, that has put the funding I get for being Nisga’a in a bit of danger. So, I’m gonna have to pay for my future education on my own like a normal person. Speaking of that–the future planned for me is a design school. For a while back there, my blog was taken over by sewing. That’s my portfolio, and I’m pretty stoked on it. Turned out pretty nice, especially for a non-sewer (if I do say so myself. Like I said, modesty :D)

So, the strings, tape and shiny things. String is yarn, obviously. On that front, Diamond Yarn Galway, a worsted 100% wool is definitely one of my favorite go-to yarns for anything worsted. Other than that, I like exotic fibers, just to paw at. I like super-bright colors, jewel-tones and metallics. Quite the spread :p I’m not super-picky. Tape–I went through a duct tape phase. My current purse is duct tape, a tutorial for making your own is found in the sidebar. I also have a smaller silver one, with a black beaded flower on it. Super-fancy. Love it. Oh, and my BF and I both have duct tape wallets–mine with my logo, his with tux the linux penguin. He’s a geek. And shiny things? Beads. Shiny tape. Shiny yarn. I really like shiny yarn. I’m part of the Karma Yarn Swap Group on Rav and the shiny yarns are the hardest to walk away from. Ohh, and I love shiny shoes. I’m like a magpie.

Jumping out of planes habit? Well, that only happened once. And that almost didn’t–the only time we had available was my last day in Hawai’i, but this summer there was a hurricane passing to the south of the island we were on. So, the winds were pretty high, about 29mph. They don’t go up at 30mph. But upon finding out that I was leaving that day and they wouldn’t get my money if they didn’t go, they decided to risk it :p You’ll have to trust that this is me :D

And the last thing is an addiction to my camera. Yep, love the little thing. It’s a Canon A460 and has a frikkin awesome macro setting. However, I’m not so great with it. I mean, it can take some great shots, I know that from it’s flickr page. But, my hands are stupidly shaky, and it’s impossible to get natural light here. (we are the rainiest city in Canada. Which, equals cloudy.) So, my photos always end up with a weird white balance, dark, or fuzzy. I like this one, though.

Oh, and lastly, I play designer. I’ve got a couple of free patterns on the sidebar, but they are all pretty simplistic, hence the “play.” I’ve also got the Quest Giver Hat coming eventually, I promise! And I may publish the pattern for the wallet, but that would also be a sewing pattern.

So, that’s the rundown on the mini-profile, here’s a few other random things:
I’m 19. I’m dating Greg, and have been for about 3 years. We went to high school together, but only started dating after I switched out of the school we were in. I was a traitor and went off to the other high school where I could be part of the musicals. Which I was–between them and the city band, I’ve been in the pit orchestra for Sweet Charity, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Pink Panther and a bunch more. Oh, I play flute, piccolo, sax (mostly tenor, but bari in the community band and alto when I have to), clarinet and oboe. Tried to learn guitar, but after 6 years of normal music, I can’t read more than one note at a time :(

Hmm. What else. I can drive, finally, but only with one passenger due to stupid BC rules. I work at the LYS and have a possible part time job at a clothing store around that. Hopefully ’cause they have a 50% staff discount :D

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