I like!

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Knitting with these gives me a bit of a thrill. I mean, lime green on red-orange needles? Totally awesome. What else is totally awesome? The pattern. I’m testing it, it’s from maerchen on Rav.
0000 084
Jorah shared this Dilbert comic with the FGF, and she decided to actually make some Dumber Than Snake Mitts. Freakin cool.

I just can’t do good photography of these.
0000 0900000 091
Tidied up the logo (actually took a photo of Georgia On My Mind and stole an 8th note from that, then clonestamped the second part of the M in :D) Again, gonna be on nicer paper, but it’s the right size and looks good methinks.

Oh, so I decided the second wallet design would work better in a yarn with longer color repeats. Enter Noro…
0000 0880000 089
I’m wondering if they might be too long, though. Oh well, it’s Noro \*drools\* <–You know you’re a Ravict when you backslash before asterisks to avoid italicizing.

ETA: I just realized I haven’t shown you guys wallet version 2.
It’s currently being worked in the same Hobby Lobby stuff, but a different stitch pattern.
IMG_0001 More holey. IMG_0003

Oh, and another new thingy:
Reversible cable scarf, to get rid of that yucky blue bernat satin that I have leftover from my BF’s portal scarf
0000 086

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