Rough draft of stitch marker packaging

The plan is too make the text smaller so as to leave a place for price stickers and replace that logo with a slightly cleaner version (it’s my initials -dM- hidden in a musical note ’cause I’m a band geek :p) and make it slightly bigger so it fully covers the top of the bag. Also, find a way to keep the markers up a bit so they aren’t all tangly. And print on nicer paper. But I’m liking it so far.

I’m also considering opening an etsy shop, for the stitch markers maybe, some random jewelry if I get around to it and for knitted wallets. Basically, this:
0000 079
With a fabric wallet sewing inside. Yep.
0000 080
Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn looks awesome in star stitch (google it for instructions. really pretty)

The newsletter for Fingerless Gloves Fanatics appears to be coming along fairly well. Nothing actually done yet, but it’s the first issue and people are still in school and we need to get some organization done (who does what, who can cover if life hits, what we want in it, when stuff gets to whoever) If you happen to be a fingerless glove fan, join the group. You don’t actually need to do anything for the newsletter, but we’d love it if you are interested. And if you are a fingerless glove designer, we’re looking for one to interview. Basically, you get a little blurb, linkage to blogs. We also are thinking of featuring a free pattern, so if you want free PDF-ing, here’s your chance. Here’s the thread to go to if you are interested!

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