Tired of stitch markers yet?

:D Apparently people are asking about them at the LYS. :D Stoked.
Oh, and to answer a comment from the last(?) post–why, yes, they are addictive. Now, my photography of these is a little dark and fuzzy, but oh well.
0000 0560000 0550000 0540000 0530000 0520000 0510000 0500000 0490000 048
And my absolute fave set ever that I’m totally tempted to keep for me:
0000 047

Oh, I finally finished the mushroom. For some reason, he’s really lumpy. And my colorwork skills fail. But, hey, he’s done and he’s pretty cute.
0000 046

I’ve got a fair chunk of the bag done:
0000 045
I’m about to start the last 3 sets of tighter cables to match my “design feature” at the bottom. :p I’m gonna line it with a pretty turquoise fabric and it’s gonna be awesome. :D Oh, and I totally taught myself a trick: Tape the ballband tighter when you get to the end of the skein. Stops it from tangling.
0000 057
Pretty tricky.

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