So, SUP meeting today. I walk in, having not eaten breakfast and spent the morning wandering around handing out resumes, drop off my laptop, saying that I was so totally and completely in no questionable way done with them. The editor walks in, gets told to shut up immediately because I was tired, pissed and hungry. The teacher has the audacity to ask “You can’t just do it? We have to put our personal feelings on the back burner for now, because the issue has to go out.” My response: “I did just do it already. Despite the incompetence of everyone here, I did the layout for this issue already. The fact that I was given the wrong stuff is not my problem. You have the laptop and the program and the articles. You need the issue out? YOU just do it. I don’t want the idiot editor touching it, though. And you can leave the laptop in my dad’s office when you are done. Cya.”

I then went and had lunch, felt much better, and handed out a few more resumes. Got home, made a couple of stitch markers and got a call. I’ve got a cushy, minimum wage job at the corner store 30 seconds from my house if I want it.

And in more good news, I’ve got Stuff.
I’ve got Peruvian Alpaca.
0000 040
I’ve got Hot Pink Bernat Sox.
0000 038
And Cherry Tree Hill
0000 0360000 037
And Lion Magic Stripes
0000 033

All of that, along with crochet hooks and wire, super-fat needles, a copy of Interweave Felt, some stitch markers…
0000 0310000 0320000 035

…and the beginnings of a seam.
0000 030

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