If you want knitting, look somewhere else for today.

I am soooo frustrated. Huge essay-rant to follow. No knitting.

On Sunday I get this phone call. It’s from the teacher sponsor of the student-run paper that my OLD (read: I dropped out mid-way) college puts out. I did the layout for the paper when I was there, and after dropping out agreed to continue doing so, as I didn’t have a job or anything else to take up my time. After putting out one issue, I got a job and applied to design school. Due to some misunderstandings, thought that I had a week to do my portfolio. Massive panic on my part, as the SUP (Students United Press) team wanted a paper out by the end of the week. Luckily, I didn’t need my laptop, which had the layout program. A bunch of them agreed to get together and muddle through it (Adobe InDesign. Not a single person with high Adobe, let alone Indesign experience) Really great of them to pull through like that IMO.

Back to the phone call. She was asking how layout for this issue was coming. I tell her it isn’t, I don’t have any articles. The editor doesn’t have them to me yet (again, but that’s a different issue. He came in at the beginning of the year, took on a whole bunch of responsibilities, edited the first issue, got a bunch of complaints ‘cause he changed some stuff drastically, totally didn’t edit the second, and in the third straight up told me he “refused to edit ___’s articles because they’d just whine about it anyway, and ___’s ‘cause he can’t stand their writing.” Since then, he’s edited on and off, every time taking at least three days longer than he said he would, then not making any effort to let me know he’s done or getting the edited articles to me.)

Lol, sidetracked again. Can you tell I’m not happy? Anyway, she says, “Oh. He was supposed to email those to you on Friday.” Yesterday, the normal “Hey, guys, we have a meeting at lunch tomorrow” goes out, along with a message saying “Editor–articles have been emailed to Dianna, yes? Ad-guy–get all the ads you sold together and batch-email them to her so she doesn’t have to search. We need this issue done by tomorrow, so it can be out by Friday. The advertisers are getting PO’d and are considering not paying since we are running so behind”

I go to the meeting at lunch. Teacher-sponsor isn’t there (not blaming her, she’s got a lot on her plate right now. But I’d have liked it if she was, as she can get the others on task, which no one else can do) The editor hands me the articles, all proud that he’s done the job well (half a week late, and all jumbled up on the flash drive.) Half the articles don’t have headlines, AND NONE have the articles have the author in the document, so I’ve got to find the email with the attachment that may or may not have the same title as the article on the drive and figure out who “angelgurl83 at whateraddy dot com” is in real life. None of the pictures have captions, so I’ve got to figure who sent them, what article they belong with and what’s going on in them. Ad-guy gives me a list of the ads, quite a nice one with the name of the company, their size specifications and if they have any requests for placement. However, all of the ads haven’t been gathered up and emailed to me, so I spent an hour digging through the badly labeled SUP email looking for them. Grr.

Paper is sooo not gonna be out by Friday. I’m just pissed that they are putting me into such a rush to get it done when I DON’T EVEN GO TO THE SCHOOL ANYMORE. I mean, the only reason I’m still doing this is because no one else will. The program is expensive and fiddly even if you know how to work it (which I’m not the best at, but I am the best they’ve got) I really wish that they’d at least make it easy on me! At least doing their own jobs properly–writers are told to provide headlines and to put their names into the word doc with the article. Photos are supposed to be labeled the same as the article, along with a quick blurb saying who’s in the photo, what’s going on in it. If they don’t, the editor is supposed to find out during editing. I just don’t understand. I don’t go to the school, yet they are putting it all on me and aren’t even doing their jobs. They want me to get 3 pages of poems (oh, did I mention like 3/4 of the articles for our newspaper are poetry) and 4 pages of ads into a 12 page spread IN AN EVENING?

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