I actually finished knitting something!

0000 0160000 017
You Snag, in Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals and Diamond Yarn Galway.

Hated knitting these, for no real reason. Pattern is fine, yarn is fine, didn’t enjoy. Ah well.

Here’s the beginning of a sleeve for Eiffel (and finally a pic that is true to color)
0000 015

My compulsive startitis:
0000 0100000 011
Princess Needle Cozy or something like that in Caron Simply Soft Brites.

And my soon-to-be compulsive startitis:
0000 0120000 013
Stripy armwarmers.

Super Mario is on hold ’cause there are sooo few stitches and the tiny needles poke and hurt me. Socks are on hold ’cause I can’t stand the yarn (but I can’t cast on socks I’ll love until these are done! :( ) And the Drops bag has been moved onto a more appropriately sized needle and has had a bit of progress, but nothing warranting a photo.

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