You’ve got to be getting bored of Eiffel by now…

But, look! I’ve made it to the sleeves!
I’m now trying to figure out how the sleeves work and if I can actually modify them to be short sleeved. Flutter-sleeved short sleeved even . . . I think I can I think I can!

I kicked my butt into gear and pushed past the heel on the basket weave socks. Soo close!
Nothing like Red Heart to prove that it isn’t the socks you are addicted to, but the sock yarn . . .

And here’s a blurry random angle of You Snag. I don’t like working back and forth on DPN’s–It HURTS! Those needles are pokey!

And the start of a super-mario mushroom, just to add to the itsy-DPN trend I’ve got going . . . IMG_0005[1]

And in RAK and Karma Swap news here’s the pretty Berroco Metallic FX that I was talking about, and a pic of what the beads are gonna turn into:

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