I utterly fail at posting.

Well, I no longer feel like I’m dying anymore. 14 hours of sleep, though, so I’ve got that weird overslept feeling :P

I cast on for a new pair of socks–the pattern is called Basketcase and the yarn is Red Heart Luster Sheen, which I am actually like. Please don’t bite me. It’s kinda squeaky and nowhere near as soft as that Hacho, nor does it have as pretty color, but I like them just the same.
0000 097

I also modified You Snag to work with that super pretty Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals that I got in a swap with MNKNIT. I wasn’t sure about the yardage, so I did the wrists in leftover Galway from the Quest Giver Hat. A note for anyone wanting to do the same–Don’t Use Mohair When You Want To Drop Stitches. Honestly. It takes me to choose the one yarn that doesn’t drop stitches well to do the pattern that calls for every 6th stitch to be dropped. They’re pretty though! Well, the one I have done is, at least.
0000 095

I finished the Socks of Love and love them very much. Pattern is Broadripple, available from Knitty, and yarn is Mirasol Hacho, in Northern Lights. Mmm. Rob Matyska (the designer) complimented them on Ravelry, which has got me totally thrilled. :)
0000 094

In less exciting news, I’ve been knitting swatches. Lots of swatches. I’ve become a mod on a group on Rav called The Review dedicated to reviewing yarn, which requires pictures of swatches. So, a-swatching I go. I highly recommend this group to fellow Ravelers. It could be a great resource if we get enough participants. :)
IMG_0001[1]IMG_0003[1]IMG_0002[2]0000 0990000 098

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