Stupid Socks of Hate.

The stupid Socks of Hate are done. I like wearing them–they are soft and colorful!
0000 089

So, info on those:
Pattern: Anastasia Socks. Nice pattern, turns out pretty if you don’t frikkin read the charts backwards. Don’t be put off by my hatred of these socks. It wasn’t the patterns fault.
Yarn: S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4 Ply Mmm, I like this yarn. The self-striping fascinates me and makes me joyful. Even while knitting hated socks. It’s got aloe–so it makes my hands feel nice.
Hmm. I know I usually do my little survey thing full of all sorts of stuff when I finish stuff, but it’s after midnight and I’m sick and lazy still.

Moving on, second FO:
0000 0870000 086
The hat. Modeled by the owner. I’m pretty proud of this–came straight outta my own head.
Pattern: Coming soon. When I’m not sick and lazy.
Yarn: Mmm Diamond Yarn Galway. My favorite worsted.

Continuing onward, I have a new sock. Just one so far.
0000 090
My camera tried very hard to focus on the toe, but my shaky hand wouldn’t let it. Ah well. I LOVE this yarn. Mirasol Yarn Hacho
in the Northern Lights colorway, I believe. Love love love. Destined to, as it is sitting right next to the till at work. You know, right where I HAVE to paw at it. Pretty stuff. And you can’t tell ’cause of the shaky hand fuzz, but it looks pretty nice in Knitty’s Broadripple pattern. I wanted these socks to be jaywalkers, but as it is a DK, that was just not happening. But I love them just the same. In fact, on Rav, they are labeled the Socks of Love.

And, lastly, the sooo close to being completed Split Personality Mitts.
0000 088
They need ends woven in, buttons and one thumb. I’ve discovered I’m a bit too lazy for thumbs. I don’t like afterthought thumbs in particular. But, I think I’m gonna like these when they are done. They are all warm and cozy.

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