Are these not the cutest little baskets ever? Actually, they aren’t. They are a wretched color and kinda weird looking. But I got them for a buck and they are perfect size for holding a hat or mitts or socks or other small project in progress. And that is a good thing for me. I’m almost always big-project-deprived. I’m also always hunting for that last stupid DPN that insists on running away when I toss the little WIP on the floor. These little baskets will work as excellent DPN cages, I hope.

So, what knitting have I done recently you ask? I’m working hard on those stupid Socks of Hate recently. I’m determined to get them done so that I can wear holes into them. I despise these socks. Don’t get me wrong, the yarn is awesome. The pattern is fine. But these socks suck. I hate them. Luckily, I just have the leg to do now. Then, I can move on. Onto some sock pattern that works well with the frikkin amazing Hacho yarn that is sitting right next to the till at the Yarn Barn. . . you know, right within fondling distance.

I finished the hat. Ignore the stupid expressions again, and also the random bow. I figured posting my phone number on my blog wasn’t a good idea :P I might do some tidying on the hat at some point. I will get some pics of it on the BF (who’s 20 tomorrow, btw) so you can see that it isn’t totally strangely shaped. I’ll get a pattern up sooner or later–the SUP team stole my laptop with the layout program when I told them I wasn’t doing layout this time around. Seeing as that’s the program I use for patterns, I’m in a bit of a bind. Oh, and it turns out that they didn’t have to steal it. The afternoon after they took over, I got an email saying that my portfolio isn’t actually due until March 31, not this coming Tuesday. Which is quite nice, seeing as I’ve been sleeping and watching TV and generally being lazy/dying of the flu all weekend.

And here’s one almost finished Split Personality Mitt and the beginning of another. I have no button collection, so I’m going on a button hunt at some point to finish them. They are growing on me actually–I know earlier I was complaining, but I’m blaming that on the yarn. Sirdar Click (the grey one) isn’t my favorite. It’s got no “sproing” to it. It’s kind of rough. The Michell & CIA Luxury Collection Fine Merino Superwash DK (red stuff) is effin awesome. Sooo soft. Sooo pretty. My favorite DK so far. I decided to be a bit of a rebel and start the other mitt with red this time.

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